Storage for Protected Video Evidence Chain

Chain of Evidence Compliance

Unchallengeable storage guarantees the integrity of digital evidence, audit records, investigation records, case management files, and other critical data, thereby ensuring that it cannot be altered, modified, sabotaged, manipulated or deleted. Placing IP camera video recordings onto immutable storage assures that the video has not been tampered with, and proves the authenticity and admissibility of the evidence in the courtroom.

HDWrite1X write-protected storage can be used with any video recording system. It complies with the CJIS requirements. This is an important addition to your IP camera surveillance system, especially if you are interested in preserving your video for law enforcement.

Computer Server
Computer Server

Select the Video Storage System

Internal Drives | External Drives | Large Storage Systems

HDWrite1X protected hard drive systems are available as individual internal or external drives to large multi-drive rack systems with 84 hard drives in HDD-trays. System solutions are available that connect to your computer, server, network (NAS) or SAN connections on your servers. They are compatible with video management software systems

These are samples of the types of systems available. Contact us for other capacities and configurations.

Internal SATA Hard Drives

internal HD protected
W1X-I25-101TBSATA 3, 2.5” disk drive
W1X-I25-202TBSATA 3, 2.5” disk drive
W1X-I35-505TBSATA 3, 3.5” disk drive
W1X-I35-606TBSATA 3, 3.5” disk drive

External SATA Hard Drives with USB & eSATA interface

W1X-E25-101TBeSATA 3, 2.5” disk drive
W1X-E25-202TBeSATA 3, 2.5” disk drive
W1X-E35-303TBeSATA 3, 3.5” disk drive
W1X-E35-505TBeSATA 3, 3.5” disk drive
W1X-E35-606TBeSATA 3, 3.5” disk drive

Multi-Drive Hard Drive Servers with GigE in SAN or NAS configuration

W1X-KMN-1U043520TB1U. 4 removable 3.5” 5TB Disks in HD tray, GigE interface
W1X-KMN-2U083540TB2U Rack 8 removable 3.5” 5TB drives in HD-trays 2XGigE SAN/NAS interface
W1X-KMN-4U2436144 TB4U Rack 24-removable, 3.5″ 6TB HD, 2XGigE SAN/NAS interface

Contact us for other configurations and capacities.

Providing immutable video evidence is essential in the criminal justice system. Video recording systems must safeguard the chain of evidence so that it can be accepted by the criminal justice system. There must be assurance that the recorded video has not been changed or deleted.  The Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy defines how this should be done.

How to Protect the Video Evidence

HDWrite1X write-protected storage can be used with any video recording system. Instead of using standard storage systems, we use modified storage that includes the HDWrite1X-HD solution.  The HDWrite1X drives can be locked against any modification or deletion. The operating system can also be protected using HDWrite1X-OS.  The system is now totally protected from intentional data changes as well as malware.

Your video recording system continuously records the video from all your cameras. Once an incident occurs, the video disk can be locked. The video segment can be transferred to a removable Write-once HDD disk. The video plus the video management software can be provided to law enforcement for forensic review and criminal prosecution. Removable storage is also protected when you use an HDWrite1X protected removable drive.

The HDWrite1X storage system can also protect Audit Information. The system prevents modifications to the audit information and tools, applications, and executables from modification, or deletion.

Protecting Your Computer System

Malware Computer Protection

Your total computer system can be protected not only for criminal evidence but also from malware attacks that could damage your computer’s hard drive.  HDWrite1X is a complete malware protection system. It protects your data storage and operating system. To learn more about protected your computer system take a look at our article, “Protecting Your Computer from Malware.

If you need to protect your recordings for criminal review, contact us. We will provide the storage capacity you need to meet your total IP camera application.  Contact us at 800-431-1658 in the USA, or at 914-944-3425 everywhere else, or use our contact form.