IP Camera Video Servers

IP Camera Video ServersVideo Recording Servers

These video servers are designed to support Video Management Software. They include the computer, video cards, storage and VMS, everything you need to support your IP camera surveillance system.

We custom design the Video Server based on your needs.


Features of Video Server:

  • Includes all hardware and software needed.
  • Included viewing client that run on any Windows PC, with optional support for portable device with unlimited concurrent users
  • View real time and recorded video from any place on the network or Internet
  • Operates as a Windows service for reliable operation
  • Export to AVI or Authenticated database format
  • Optional multiple site, multiple server provides virtually unlimited camera support
  • Software provides Push Video on-event to any workstation provides instant notification of alarm conditions.
  • Manage alarms, control PTZ cameras,
  • Supports MJPEG, and H.264 and H.265 compression schemes
  • Optional two-way audio, multi-channel audio recording
  • Optional multiple schedules of PTZ patrol sequences
  • Optional Video Content Analytics
  • Active Directory support
  • Very easy to expand


It’s easy to set up and use. The video server manages all the cameras on the network. Hundreds of clients can view, control, store and retrieve video from all the IP cameras. It provides secure distributed and expandable storage for all network attached cameras.


Video Server System Diagram

Video Servers for IP Cameras

Select the system that’s right for you. Multiple servers can be used to support thousands of cameras. All the cameras are viewed using client software that can be located on any workstation on the network or Internet.

Network bandwidth is controlled.

Servers provide dual network connections that allow the cameras to be connected to a separate segment of your LAN.

Optional RAID for Increased Reliability

Server can include RAID 5 or other RAID configurations depending on performance and reliability required.   Multiple servers can be configured for redundancy and failover.


Examples of Video Servers

Entry level video serverEntry Level System

  • Supports 4 to 25 cameras
  • Video storage for up to 30 days of recording
  • Includes Video Management Software
  • Record single channel of audio

Professional level video serverProfessional Level

  • Professional level Network Video Recorder
  • Supports up to 64 cameras
  • Video storage for up to 30 days of recording
  • Video Management Software
  • Included viewing client software, unlimited concurrent users
  • Push video on-event
  • Operation as Windows Service
  • Export to AVI/Authenticated database format
  • Multi-channel audio recording
  • Multiple PTZ patrol sequences

enterprise video serverEnterprise Systems

  • Enterprise video server system supports multiple servers at multiple sites
  • Video Management Software with centralized management
  • Supports thousands of cameras
  • Very large scale storage capacity using multiple storage points
  • Push video on-event
  • Operation as a Windows service
  • Export to AVI/Authenticated database format
  • Two-way audio, multi-channel audio recording
  • Multiple schedulable PTZ patrol sequences
  • Open APIs for easy integration with Access Control, POS and Video Content Analytics
  • Active Directory support

What is a Video Server

A Video Server is a dedicated computer that includes video management software (VMS). It is very similar to the Network Video Recorder (NVR), but it is usually includes a Windows type computer. Since it uses a general-purpose computer it is easier to add additional hard drives to record the video. The computer includes a high-performance video processer necessary to support the IP cameras on the network. The computer is matched to the number of cameras, the resolution, and the management system required.

What is the best Video Server for you?

The right system depends on the number of cameras you want to support.  Contact us for free consulting. We will define not only the IP cameras you need but also the right computer server, and storage you need.