IP Video Intercoms

IP Intercoms with Video Improve Safety and Security

IP Intercom Concept Diagram
IP Intercom Concept Diagram

The IP intercom with video is a two-way audio device that includes an IP camera. It attaches to the network and is powered using PoE (Power over Ethernet. These enhanced intercoms add the additional security of seeing the person at the door. They communicate to an app on your smartphone or to a PC running VMS software.

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IP Intercom Models Available

There are two models available. The InterCam50 is an outdoor door-station with video that includes an RFID reader and door control relay. The InterCam90 is an indoor intercom that is similar to the InterCam50 but doesn’t have an RFID reader.  

Intercam50 Overview

This outdoor intercom includes a built-in IP camera so you can not only talk to the person but also see them.

This is also a door access control reader that allows people with a credential to enter by using their smartcard credential.

  • Outdoor intercom with two-way audio and video
  • Includes a 6-MegaPixel IP Camera
  • Communicates to computer or smartphone App
  • Can open the door from the smartphone or computer
  • Access Control using RFID Smartcard Credentials
  • Door status and  electric lock control
  • Bell notification
  • Multiple intercoms  can be controlled by software on Windows PC

InterCam50 Product Sheet…


The indoor intercom includes a camera with a wide angle lens that allows you to see the person on your smartphone app.

The call button allows the user to notify the smartphone application that a person would like to speak to them.

  • Indoor intercom with two-way audio and video
  • Includes a 2-Megapixel IP Camera
  • Communicates to computer or  smartphone
  • Can open the door from the App on the smartphone
  • Door status and  electric lock control
  • Bell notification
  • Multiple intercoms  controlled by software on Windows PC

InterCam70 Product Sheet…

IP Video Intercom System Diagram

IP Intercom System Diagram
IP Intercom System Diagram

The Intercoms connect to your network and are powered over Ethernet (PoE). VMS 3 software running on your Windows computer communicates through the cloud server to apps running on your smartphones.

IP Intercom System Components

The system includes the following components.

  • Intercoms – Intercam70 or Intercam50
  • Video management software (VMS 3)
  • License for each intercom (VMS3003)
  • Optional subscription for cloud service to remote smartphone apps (VMSC-1000-01-12)
  • Smartphone app

Video-Intercom Management Software System

VMS 3 is Video Management Software that controls and manages video intercoms and IP cameras. The VMS records and displays video from IP cameras and the video intercoms. It includes event triggers, a web-client, and a mobile app. 

Video Intercom Management Software

Features include:

  • Support for IP cameras and video intercoms
  • Two-way audio
  • The software includes Push notifications from mobile devices when specific events occur
  • Web-client for distributed view and control of devices
  • Workstation connection to cloud service for mobile devices
  • Motion detection

Software Products

The following software products are used with the video intercom system:

  1. VMS 3: Video Management Software that runs on your Windows computer
  2. VMS3003: Device license for each intercom or camera used with the VMS
  3. VMSC-10000-01-12: Cloud service subscription for 12 months

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Technical Support

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