Multimode Biometric Door Control Readers

Pros and Cons of Types of Door Control Readers

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What is the best door access control system? The latest door readers are actually IP readers with built-in controllers. They are called reader-controllers to distinguish them from door readers with separate controllers. This buyer’s guide will help you select the right door reader-controller.

Multimode door access control readers provide multiple ways of controlling entry.  This can include RFID readers and pin numbers, or multiple biometrics.  Security can be increased by using multiple modes together.  In other words, a person can place their fingerprint on the readers as well as using their RFID credentials.  This adds additional security.  Alternatively, if you don’t need the enhanced security, you can use one of the modes instead of another.  For example, if a person’s fingerprint doesn’t work, they can use their credential instead.

You can select a number of different types of multi-mode readers available.  The professional series of door readers provide a high level of reliability.

IP RFID Proximity Readers with Pin Numbers:

These IP reader-controllers use proximity credentials such as cards, or keyfobs. They can also use your smartphone as a credential. The cards can use 125KHz or 13.56 MHz frequencies (smart cards).  Or you can enter a pin number on the keypad.

rc-04_family door readers

Pro:    These are the lowest cost readers.  They are reliable and can be used indoors or outdoors.  It is the easiest type of door reader to install.

Con:  Using a pin number is not very secure, especially if everyone has the same number.  It’s hard to control when people have left the organization.  RFID cards are more secure, but again the card can be lost or given to another person.

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Fingerprint and RFID Multimode readers:

Fingerprint readers are much more secure than RFID Prox card readers.  Multimode readers also include RFID readers and sometimes pin numbers.

Fingerprint Reader

Pro:    These IP readers provide increased security.  There are models that can be used indoors or outdoors.  The additional RFID reader mode can be used to increase security or used instead of the fingerprint depending on the level of security required.

Con:  Some fingerprints can be difficult to read, especially those that are worn out or damaged.  It is possible to spoof some readers, by using copied fingerprints. The Pro series of fingerprint door access control readers are more reliable and include live person detection for much higher security.

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Facial and RFID Multimode Readers

Facial readers add an additional level of security.  They sometimes include RFID and pin number access as well.

Face Recognition Reader

Pro:    These IP readers provide increased security.  The additional RFID reader mode can be used to increase security or used instead of the facial recognition depending on the level of security required.

Con:  Most readers work in controlled lighting situations, so they are usually used indoors.  Wearing glasses or hats can sometimes reduce reliability. There is one model that is designed for outdoor use. See the TVIP-Face8WP

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Multimodal Biometric Readers

Readers that use multiple types of physiologic characteristics provide the highest level of security and flexibility.  If one mode doesn’t work you can use another mode, or you can use all the modes together to increase security. You can select door readers with both fingerprint and vein sensors, or another with a combination of fingerprint reader and facial recognition.


Pro:    These multimodal IP readers provide the highest level of security.  The additional biometric modes can be used to increase security, or one at a time to increase reliability.

Con:  They are a little more expensive, than a reader that just reads fingerprints, but worth the added cost.

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