Jukebox Connectivity Software from K-Par, is no longer available

Please take a look at all the other products we sell that make your world safer.  We also provide optical jukebox libraries that can be used to archive all your data.

Some other products available include Optical Jukebox Libraries | IP Surveillance Systems | IP Intercoms and Paging Systems | Door Access Control

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Archimedia has been designed to take the heartache out of storage. Providing a means of viewing storage devices as a selection of large file systems, which are accessible over the network. This technology allows the system administrator to design a storage solution that will suit the needs of the users.

Storage Management

Using already proven technology, such as CD and magneto-optical, Archimedia enables the storage devices to be grouped together so that they can be viewed as a group of large file systems. This enables filesystems to grow to be terabytes in size, allowing access to enormous amounts of data. All data is stored on the media in internationally recognized formats such as ISO9660, Rock Ridge, Joliet, NTFS, SUN UFS, and UDF.

Archimedia indexes all the files stored within the jukebox to provide fast access when a list of directory contents is requested by a user. This prevents the jukebox from thrashing, extending the life of your hardware. This is only part of the caching that Archimedia provides though. Data caching is just as important so that fast access can be provided to the actual files stored within the archive.

Offline Access to Files

Media can be off-lined within a file system allowing the disk to be removed from the archive, but leaving the files visible from the client. This allows the slot that was occupied to be reallocated for use by another piece of media. When a request for a file that is offline is made to the file system, Archimedia- can generate an event to alert a set of users that the media needs to be placed back online.

This functionality allows the archive to grow infinitely so that your oldest, least accessed files can remain indexed but placed out of the jukebox to allow room for new media.

Logical Volumes – eXtended File Systems (XFS)

An XFS consists of a set of media stored within a jukebox that is grouped together logically to be presented across the network as one large storage area. This can be made to appear on the network as an NFS mount on UNIX, or as a drive letter on Windows-based machines.

This makes transferring data easy to do, just drag and drop using file manager, explorer or even from the command line. Never before has it been so easy to store such enormous amounts of data.

Hardware Supported

Supporting all major manufacturers hardware, Archimedia provides instant access to CD, CDR, DVD, MO and WORM jukebox library systems. With quick and easy installation programs, storage couldn’t be simpler.

Please contact us for assistance in selecting the right archiving system for your application.  We can be reached at 1-800-431-1658 in the USA, or at 914-944-3425 everywhere else, or use our contact form.