SmartStor for Archiving

SmartStor Archive Comprehensive Read/Write Storage software was used with Optical jukeboxes and libraries.  It is no longer available.  

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For your reference, here is some information about the old product:


SmartStor Archive was a robust and comprehensive read/write storage solution that included all the features of SmartStor Access but also provides flexible data archiving functionality and expanded media support. Users or applications archive to and access data from the same single drive letter. SmartStor Archive offered the following award-winning capabilities:

Flexible Data Recording Options — SmartStor Archive offers unparalleled flexibility in how and when data is archived. The Job Scheduler can be used to schedule data archiving to off-peak hours, thereby spreading the system load. The methods of data archiving are:

  • Direct Write provides single-drive-letter recording to the SmartStor drive letter. Clients and applications treat the SmartStor Archive drive letter like a large writable hard disk. Data can be written to the system using simple system commands like COPY, MOVE, and SAVE AS, or be dragged from its source through Explorer. Retrieval of data is just as easy — the client or application simply locates the data file from the same SmartStor drive letter and opens it.
  • Polling provides an efficient way to record premastered images to CD/DVD. The Poller continuously scans predefined “queue” directories on the server. When a premastered image is placed into this directory, SmartStor Archive automatically writes it to a disc and incorporates it into the SmartStor file system. This method of data archiving is particularly valuable in situations where data must be manipulated at network stations before being submitted to a central server for recording. Watermarking allows an administrator to define a network directory where clients save data. When the directory fills to a predefined watermark, SmartStor Archive automatically premasters an image and writes it to disc.

Scalable Mixed Media Support — SmartStor Archive manages a wide range of optical jukeboxes and drives that support leading read-only, write-once, and re-writable optical media, such as CD-ROM, CD-R, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, WORM, and MO. Our standards-oriented philosophy protects the customer’s data assets as new technology is adopted. Users can grow with SmartStor Archive from low-capacity CD-R solutions to high-capacity, high-performance MO solutions.

Capacity Management — In addition to the Volume Management functionality described in the SmartStor Access section, SmartStor Archive allows the file system to be aggregated and presented in our patented Capacity Management mode. Using Capacity Management, directories can logically span physical media. Instead of viewing a 100-slot DVD-ROM jukebox as 100 sub directories, the system appears as a single volume. Files in a particular directory may actually reside on more than one disc, while the SmartStor file system aggregates the structure and presents them in a single location.

Off-Line Support — This allows users to remove infrequently accessed data — a single piece of media or a magazine — from the system for storage on a shelf. This feature precludes the need for re-inventory when discs or magazines are reinserted into the jukebox.

Label Printer Support — With SmartStor Archive, users can customize, serialize, and print labels on discs inside a jukebox with a printer.

Application Programming Toolkits (APIs) — Smart Storage offers a full family of API toolkits with all the “tools” an integrator needs to embed storage technology — control of data creation, replication, and/or device management — into a parent application. The toolkits are highly functional, easy to use, well documented, and fully supported by the Smart Storage ISV Partner Program.

System Requirements

Windows NT / 2000

Intel Pentium 333 MHz (min), 400 MHz recommended.

Windows NT 4.0 workstation or server with service pack 4.

64 MB RAM (min), 128 MB recommended.

1 GB hard disk space for file system cache.

4 GB hard disk space for additional SmartStor caching(configurable).

32 bit (PCI or EISA) SCSI adapter for readers.

32 bit (PCI or EISA) SCSI adapter for recorders.

1 GB SCSI hard disk for CD premastering.

Optical storage device(s).

UNIX (MO Only)

Sun Microsystems workstation or server.

Sun Solaris v. 2.x.

64 MB RAM (min).

1 GB hard disc space (min) for file cache (configurable, see doc for algorithm

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