Plus M-17S Standard Width Copyboard

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The Most Affordable Copyboard


A board so advanced, it copies whatever is written on it!
Select Standard or Wide-Format Board

Quick Facts

  • Writing Panels: 2
  • Writing Area: 35″h x 50w”
  • Paper Type: Plain Paper


The standard width model featuring USB Stick digital memory, a direct PC connection via a USB cord, and an on-board printer (printer is optional).

The M17 takes another leap forward in copyboard technology. Increased scan speed, color printing to an on-board printer (printer is optional), digital storage options, and a direct to PC connection make the M-17 the new standard in the copyboard market. Perfect for the corporate boardroom, education, training, or your committee brainstorming sessions, PLUS’ electronic whiteboards enhance meeting productivity by allowing participants to focus on the meeting rather than taking notes.

Store your work digitally.

With digital storage functionality, the PLUS M-17 expands organization-wide communication. The M-17 allows you to store and retrieve the data from the board through either a Direct PC Connection, or by using a USB Memory Stick. Once the image data has been download to your computer, you can utilize it in many useful ways:

  • Easily distribute exact copies of your work via email. Send it to absent audience members!
  • Using office applications, insert the writing on the board into business documents and other materials.
  • Further edit and enhance your work with image editing software.
  • Cut down on storage space and clutter with compact digital files.

Print your work to paper

The M-17 allows you to print the contents of the board in color or black and white using standard (compatible) inkjet or laser printers. You can utilize the printer in either the copyboard’s wall-mounted or floor-standing configuration. Please note that the electronic whiteboard does not come with a printer. Compatible printers are widely available from retailers nationwide. (View compatible printer list) Advantages of plain paper copies:

  • Present your audience with an exact copy of what has been written on the board.
  • Listeners can commit their attention to the presentation; not to taking notes.
  • Maintain consistency by preventing errors or omissions in drawings, charts, and diagrams.
  • Conveniently store paper copies for future reference.

The functions of the M-17 can be controlled and customized though the direct PC connection by using the bundled software. You are able to chose the file format of the image downloaded. Choose from PNG, JPG, BMP and TIFF file formats. You are also able to adjust the paper size and binding margins of your print as well as add a time/date stamp.

The M-17 uses a new LED light system for low power consumption. No lamp replacement is necessary.


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