An IP Camera with WDR Can Produce a Picture Worth 1,000 Words

IP camera systems

IP cameras with Wide Dynamic Range capability are the answer to monitoring areas where bright illumination coexists and contrasts with low light or shadows within the camera’s field of view. That’s why we’ve written about them and our sales engineers have recommended them so often. But who would believe one of Kintronics “very own” would find himself in a situation where a camera with WDR might have made things a lot easier for the detectives charged with identifying the suspects caught on a security camera?

Wide Dynamic Range is the function of cameras designed to produce clear, actionable images in settings where backlight and intense illumination vary excessively, particularly where a dark area and a bright one appear in the same frame. Any IP surveillance camera system should have at least one camera with WDR capability if it monitors areas like these.

  • toll plazas and gasoline stations where car headlights are facing  a camera
  • subway stations, tunnels, and parking garages where people or vehicles are entering from the bright daylight to an area substantially less well-lit
  • places where a person of interest is standing in front of bright back-lighting such  as a wall of windows in an office building lobby or an airport terminal
  • places with light reflecting off banks of windows, mirrors, or cascading fountains such as shopping malls or gambling casinos.

The last instance is where our Kintronics person found himself a couple of weeks ago – in a mall, though – not a casino. It was just like a scene out of Law & Order. A jewelry store robbery had just taken place.   Luckily it had no impact on him, but it was fodder for Monday morning water cooler chat.

I had all but forgotten it though when I found the photo (above) online. Not only did it corroborate his story but it provided me with a perfect example of a place where a camera with WDR capability would have made all the difference!

If you need to monitor areas that would benefit from an IP camera with Wide Dynamic Range capability, or if you are interested in IP camera security systems in general, one of Kintronics’ knowledgeable sales engineers can help you. Call 914-944-3425 or fill out an information request form.