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How to Wire Your Door Access Control System

Wiring the IP Reader-Controllers

The latest access control systems are much easier to install than the older systems. Of course, it’s only easy if you know exactly how to connect everything. The devil is in the details, and this article provides the wiring diagrams you need to make your access control system work.

As a review, the advantage of IP access control systems is that everything is located at the door. The following diagram shows an example of an IP access control system that uses a reader-controller.

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Technology in a Turbulent World

Technology Review

New Technology ConceptSo far, this year has been quite tumultuous.  It is the year of the great pandemic and the year of social change. The turbulence of our time has created demands on technology. The use of face recognition provides touchless access control, and temperature scanning with face mask detection helps to limit the spread of disease.

The latest IP cameras include artificial intelligence and can detect people who are too close together. Automated contact tracking has been introduced to help reduce the spread of disease.

The article discusses some of the new technology that can help in these difficult times.

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Touchless Door Entry Control

The New Face of Face Recognition

Face Recognition Concept Illustration

The pandemic of 2020 has caused all of us to think differently. More than ever, we are concerned about the spread of disease. Some people believe that this concern will last well beyond today’s pandemic. Just like the changes that occurred after 9-11, the world will be different in the future.

One way to control the spread of disease is to reduce the amount of surface contact. Biometric systems that use fingerprints, palm recognition, or finger-vein are being replaced by face recognition. This has the advantage of providing contactless or touchless door entry control. This article reviews several new products that use face recognition to control door entry.

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Thermal Body Temperature Screening Cameras

The Pros and Cons of Thermal Cameras That Measure a Person’s Temperature

Temperature Scanning ConceptThermal imaging cameras have been around for many years. They were first used in the 1940s and 1950s by the military.  Long-range camera systems use thermal cameras to help with detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) of targets. They have also been used in previous pandemics.

Today, thermal imaging cameras have become popular because of the outbreak of COVID-19.

Some of the older thermal cameras have been repurposed to measure a person’s temperature from a distance. The latest systems are designed for measuring people’s body temperature and have been integrated with door access control.


This article reviews the various technologies used to measure a person’s body temperature, and how they can help monitor people as they enter a secure area.

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Requirements for Long-Range PTZ Cameras

Long-Range IP Camera Object Detection

Long-range camera system concept

If we want to detect an object that is miles away, is the magnification of the lens the most important, or is it the camera resolution? It turns out that many factors determine the effectiveness of a long-range camera.

The things that determine the performance of a long-range camera system include the magnification provided by the lens, motion of the object, camera resolution, atmospheric clarity, lighting, and contrast.  All these variables are inter-related.

This article discusses all the factors that determine how successful you will be in detecting an object (target) that is very far away.

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How to Install Your IP Camera System

What is an IP Camera System?

IP Camera System DiagramThe “IP” means that the camera connects to the network rather than to a DVR using a coax cable.

The IP camera system includes not only the cameras but also the video recording system. The cameras and the recording system connect to a network switch. The IP camera systems may also integrate with IP door access control and IP Intercoms.

This article describes how to install your IP camera system. It reviews all the steps required to mount the cameras, install it on the network, and connect it to your video recording system.

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Apartment Intercoms

The Latest Network-Attached Multi-Tenant Building Intercoms

What is an Apartment Intercom?

IP Apartment Intercom ConceptAn apartment intercom is a communication device located in the lobby or at the front entrance.

The intercom allows you to contact the residents of a multi-tenant building or apartment. A visitor uses the apartment lobby intercom to request entry into the building or to another secure area. The lobby intercom display provides a list of all the tenants in the building.

The first systems were all analog-type intercoms and required wires from the lobby to all the apartments. Each apartment contained an answering intercom module. This intercom allowed the person in the apartment to talk to the visitor in the lobby. The tenant could then press the button to open the front door.

The new IP apartment intercoms do the same thing and much more. This article provides information about the new IP apartment intercom systems.

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The Best Single Door Access Control

Single-Door Access Control Systems

Building-man-access control

The new IP access control systems connect to the network and provide the flexibility that allows you to install a single door at a time.

These new IP access control systems include the door reader and controller that is all located at the door. The electric lock is connected to the controller.

The older access control systems used a large central controller that was located in a closet. The labor to run wires from the controller to the reader, and the electric lock was high.

Today there are several ways to control a single door. There are single-door systems that use a keypad and IP door reader-controller systems that use card credentials or your smartphone for access.

This article compares the single-door access control systems that attach to the network.

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Comparison of Apartment Intercom Systems

What is the Best Intercom?

Intercom History

History of Apartment IntercomsThe first intercoms were developed in the late 1800s. They used speaking tubes to talk to other people in the building.

Business organizations were the first to use these intercoms. The office manager could reach his secretary or other people in various departments in the building.

The invention of the telephone in the early 1900s made it easier to connect everyone. By the 1950s, the telephone connected people all over the world. The intercoms used the same technology as the phone system.  In the 1970s, the analog intercoms made it easy for the manager to talk to the accounting department or the manufacturing floor.

Digital IP intercoms that attach to the network were made available in the 1990s. It made it much easier to install intercoms around schools, offices, and hospitals. The latest intercom systems use smartphone apps and cloud servers to enable direct communication all over the world.  This article provides the pros and cons of different intercom systems.

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Technology Review for 2019

The New Technology of 2019

New Technology of 2019

2019 was a year of evolution rather than revolution. Security technology evolved and became more powerful and easier to use.

IP camera manufacturers focused on enhancing their products. Access control systems became more user-friendly, added mobile capability, and made it easier to integrate with IP camera systems. Paging systems added intercoms with better full-duplex sound. Portable emergency buttons became more popular and effective.

Here are the highlights of the new products available in 2019

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