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Access Control Q & A

Questions and Answers about Door Access Control

Access Control Q & A
Access Control Q & A

An IP Access Control System contains door readers, controllers, electric locks, credentials, and access control management software. Since we are a complete solution provider, we receive many questions about the technology. We have compiled some of the questions and provided answers that should be helpful. This article also includes reference articles to help you better understand the access control system.

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Visitor Management and Access Control Provide Enhanced Security

Controlling Entry of Employees and Guests Provide Security Benefits

Access and Visitor Control Systems

In an uncertain world with societal, political, and legal challenges, we strive to create a safer environment. A safe world to work in, learn in, and live in.

This article describes how technology can help provide a safe and protected environment where we can thrive.

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How to Select the Best Access Control Components

Your Access Control Objectives are the First Step in Getting What You Need

Access Control System Components
Access Control System Components

There are many access control systems available. It can be challenging to decide on the best one for you. This article guides you on the best way to determine the access control components that are right for you.

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IP Camera Systems: Proprietary Versus Open Systems

Comparison of Open to Proprietary IP Camera Systems

IP Camera Systems: Open Versus Closed
Open Versus Proprietary IP Camera Systems

An IP Camera system includes network-attached IP Cameras, the PoE network, and Video Management Software or Network Video Recorder. IP Camera Systems have historically been designed as “open systems” with many manufacturers’ cameras and video recording software. A few manufacturers have bundled IP cameras into their VMS solutions and provided proprietary systems. They have traded easy implementation for flexibility.

This article describes and compares open systems to proprietary IP Camera System solutions.

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Tech Advances in IP Camera and Access Control Systems of 2023

Technical Advances in Access Control and IP Camera Systems Enhanced Security

Tech Review of 2023
Tech Review of 2023

In 2023, several technological advancements significantly impacted surveillance cameras and access control. IP Camera Systems were enhanced by AI systems, and Access Control used more secure biometric and mobile credentials.

This article reviews some of the technical advances realized in 2023 that increased our security.

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How Access Control Improves Safety

Access Control Creates a Secure Environment

Access Control Safety
Access Control Safety

Access control is a critical component in enhancing security for various environments, including businesses, educational institutions, government facilities, and residential areas. It refers to the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource.

This article describes several ways in which access control improves security:

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The Evolution of Visitor Management: From Logbooks to QR Codes

From Paper Logbooks to Automated Computer Visitor Management Systems

History of Visitor Management Systems
History of Visitor Management Systems

Introduction to Visitor Management:

Visitor management has come a long way since the advent of computerized visitor management systems, transforming from traditional paper logbooks to modern, efficient systems prioritizing security and convenience. This evolution reflects the advancement of technology and the growing need for streamlined, automated, and more secure processes. In this article, we will explore the key milestones in the evolution of visitor management, highlighting the transition from manual sign-ins to digital solutions and the integration of smartphones and QR codes.

This article reviews the history of Visitor Management Systems.

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Access Control Management Software: Cloud Versus On-site

Pros and Cons of Access Control Software Location

Cloud or On-Site Access Control
Cloud or On-Site Access Control

What is the difference between cloud and on-premise Access Control Software? On-site Access Control Software is the classic model of providing a perpetual license, allowing you to run the software on your computer. Cloud software runs on a remote server and is provided under a monthly or yearly subscription plan. Here are some pros and cons.

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