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How to Define Your IP Camera System

How to Specify Your IP Camera Security System

Define the IP Camera System
Define the IP Camera System

What do you do when your boss says, “We need an IP camera surveillance system?” Do you purchase the lowest-cost camera system? The purchasing process is not a simple task. If you get an inexpensive solution, you may get burned when the camera system doesn’t do what was expected.

This article describes how you can meet your IP Camera System requirements and still meet the budget.

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Comparison of Long-Range Door Access Control

What is the Best Long-Range Access Control System

Long-Range Access Control
Long-Range Access Control

Long-range access control systems extend the capability of door access control systems. They read a credential to open the lock. The standard access control systems have a card-to-reader range in inches, while the long-range readers have a range of over 25 ft.  When you want to open a gate to a parking garage from your vehicle, it’s easier to use the long-range reader system.

This article compares long-range access control with a credential to one that uses mobile or smartphone credentials.

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The Field of View for IP Camera Systems

How to Determine the Best Field of View

IP Camera System Field of View
IP Camera System Field of View

The lens of an IP camera determines the field of view (FOV). A lens can provide a wide or narrow FOV. For example, A wide field of view allows us to see a pasture filled with cows, and a narrow field of view allows us to see only one cow.

This article describes how to determine and calculate the best Field of View (FOV).

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Panic Button Comparison

Comparison of Emergency Buttons

Panic Buttons
Panic Buttons

By August of 2022, there had been over 300 mass shootings in the United States. With the increase in mass shootings, Panic Buttons have become more popular. Several emergency notification systems have been developed over the past few years to address this requirement.

This article compares the different systems available and how they can be used.

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Access Controller Comparison

The Best Door Access Controller

Access Controller Comparison
Access Controller Comparison

The brain of a door access control system is the controller or access control panel. One or more door readers connect to a controller. The access controller receives the person’s ID number from the door reader, matches the credential to the list of approved users, and then opens the electric lock.

This article compares the different types of access controllers or control panels.

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The Magnetic Door Lock

How to Use the Magnetic Lock in an Access Control System

Controlling the Mag-Lock
Controlling the Mag-Lock

The magnetic door lock is a unique lock requiring special handling to ensure safety. Since the mag lock holds the door shut and prevents both egress and ingress, additional devices must be present to allow people to exit.

This article describes how to use the magnetic lock in your access control system.

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How the IP Powered Speakers and Intercoms Work

A Description of the Internal Components of IP Paging

An IP Paging System is a set of network-attached audio devices that convert digital signals to audio. These network-attached speakers include amplification so that many people can hear the message. The system also includes software used for managing and controlling the audio. The IP Audio system includes speakers, intercoms, audio amplifiers, and management software.

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How Access Control Works

Description of the Components of the Access Control System

Access Control System

Door access control is part of an overall security system that keeps our organizations safer. The access control system ensures that only registered people can enter the organization. It provides four essential functions:

  1. It identifies who can enter
  2. Determines what door a person can use
  3. Defines when they can enter
  4. It maintains a record of everyone who is registered and keeps a list of who goes in and out

This article describes the components of an access control system.

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How the IP Camera Works

The Components of the IP Camera

IP Camera Components
How the IP Camera Works

An IP camera is a surveillance video camera that attaches to the network and is part of an IP Camera System. The cameras are an essential part of the physical security systems and are used in business, government, and educational institutions worldwide. Over the years, they have played a vital role in ensuring safety in all our organizations.

This tutorial describes how the IP camera works.

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