Disc Library Systems

Modular Blu-ray Storage Optical Libraries from DISC

The DISC BD Series is a modular design product family utilizing the Blu-ray technology with 50 or 100 GB per media. The DISC BD Series capacity ranges from 4.4 TB to 69 TB and provides up to 14 parallel data streams of 9MB/s. WORM and rewritable media are supported, off line data management is maintained by intelligent pack technology.


  • Modular design for individual configurations
  • Pack technology for offline management
  • Blu-ray technology
  • Supports Blu-ray, DVD and CD media
  • Redundant power supply option (standard for DISC 7000 models)
  • Multiple LVD busses
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Rack mount option
  • Options for direct attach, NAS, Fibre Channel, i-SCSI interface

Disc NSM Blu-ray Optical Jukebox Library System Configuration

Model Number of Slots Max Data Capacities in TB Number of Drives
Disc1000-045-2 45 4.4 TB 2
Disc1000-105-2 105 10.4 2
Disc3000-270-2 270 24 2
Disc3000-240-4 240 24 4
Disc3000-210-6 210 24 6
Disc4000-400-2 400 40 2
Disc4000-370-4 370 37 4
Disc4000-340-6 340 34 6
Disc7000-510-690 510-690 51 – 69 2-14


Direct attached to PC Server via USB/SAS or LVD SCSI Host Interface
Network attach support through NAS and SAN

Software Support
Connects to virtually any application via file systems or APIs with transparent access to your data.

Support for Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux and other platforms via storage management software.

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