IP Cameras With Artificial Intelligence

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Smart cameras and enhanced intelligent software provide advanced threat detection capability.

AI-Camera Systems
AI-Camera Systems

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad term that ranges from limited or narrow intelligence (NAI) to General Artificial Intelligence (GAI). The latest IP camera systems include cameras with built-in NAI and advanced software, providing more advanced Narrow Artificial Intelligence.

The latest IP cameras and AI software is getting very smart. Smart enough to detect threats before they turn into disasters. The intelligent software recognizes different objects, such as people, vehicles, and animals. It reduces false alarms, increases awareness and response time, and even delivers information for demographics (Business Intelligence) purposes. The Advanced AI software even has the ability to detect threats such as a person carrying a gun. Select Your AI-Enhanced Camera System.

IP Cameras with Narrow Artificial Intelligence.

The latest intelligent IP cameras are smart enough to recognize objects like people, vehicles, and animals. They can reduce false alarms, increase awareness and response time, and even deliver information for demographics (Business Intelligence) purposes. The camera provides classification information that is used by the recording software.

Smart Cameras with Artificial Intelligence

The cameras include the following capability:

  • Video Analytics based on AI
    • Object detection and classification(Person, Face, Vehicle, License Plate)
    • Gunshot and scream detection
    • Attribute, “BestShot”

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Intelligent IP Camera
Intelligent IP Camera

AI Software Provides Advanced Intelligence

Threat Alert AI Software
Threat Alert AI Software

AI software uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze data coming from IP cameras. It then processes the acquired data to generate meaningful information about the activity contained in the video stream. AI detects potential threats posed by a suspect’s actions or from vehicles.

The AI software uses biometric identification of individuals to search, identify and track suspects continuously. It can locate the most wanted individuals, registered sex offenders, and missing persons nationwide.

The analytic software analyzes the collected data and distributes alerts to the law enforcement response units through the web and mobile channels. It provides information about the threat, location, and the suspect’s identity.

Software Capability

The AI software helps prevent acts of terrorism by tracking movements and identifying rogue activities and individuals. It can detect the use of suspicious items, including but not limited to different weapon types, track and alert on cargo movements, and unattended bags. It can also detect aggressive behavior, hand guns, long guns, slip and fall, etc

Object Detection includes the identification and classification of objects. It enables Intrusion Detection, Occupancy, Counting, Smart Parking, Intelligent Traffic Management, and Thermal Screening. This engine also uses smart targeting.

Action Detection is used for solutions like Fight/Violence/Assault detection, Smoke and Fire detection, Slip and Fall detection, Detection of Suspicious Shopping Behavior that may result in shoplifting, etc.

Threat Detection: The Fusion of “Object” and “Action” Detection triggers Threat Detection. The combination of object (such as a weapon) detection and also the handling of it (action) generates the threat alert.

Mobile Applications for Threat Alert

The threat alert software can analyze video feeds from mobile camera systems. The mobile video capability can be used in Unmanned Vehicle (UAV) or body-worn cameras. This allows the monitoring of peripheral activity and helps apprehend criminals.

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