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WiseNet P Series of 4K IP Cameras

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This family of cameras provides 4K resolution and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability.  They use up to 12-Megapixel sensors to provide the highest resolution.  These amazing cameras have excellent low light performance and wide dynamic range.  You can select dome, bullet with remote zoom and focus, or PTZ cameras.  The cameras support the latest H.265 compression. This means you use less bandwidth and video storage.

The latest 4K IP cameras were tested against other 4K IP cameras.  This 4K camera review compared the Axis, Hikvision, and Sony.  The PNO-8090R was one of the best cameras in the shootout.

The advantage of a 4K camera is that it provides a much wider field of view than the lower resolution IP cameras. The following chart summarizes the key features of the cameras in this group.

WiseNet P-Series of 4K IP Cameras
WiseNet P-Series of 4K IP Cameras

4K IP Camera Selection Chart


PND-9080R (indoor)
PNV-9080R (outdoor), IP66, IP67, IK10, Bi-directional audio support
12-MP, 4000 x 3000Lens: 4.5 ~ 10mm (2.2x) motorized varifocal lens.


Lens angle:  [3840 x 2160] H : 92.3˚(Wide) ~ 42.6˚(Tele) / V : 49.7˚(Wide) ~ 24.0˚(Tele)

Day & Night (ICR), WDR (120dB), Simple focus, P-Iris

0.3 [email protected] (Color), 0 Lux (B/W : IR LED on)

WDR: 120 dB




Fisheye Panoramic Cameras

PNF-9010R (Indoor)
PNF-9010RV (Outdoor)
PNF-9010RVM (Mobile)

12-MP, 4000 x 3000Lens: 2.1mm fixed / F2.2, Viewing angle: H : 180° / V : 180° / D : 180°


Variable view mode (Fishyeye, Single panorama,
Double panorama, Quad view etc)

Simple focus / Manual – Remote control via network

Color : 0.3Lux (F2.2, 30IRE), B/W : 0Lux (IR LED on)

WDR: 120 dB



Bullet IP Camera

PNO-9080R (Outdoor)

12-MP, 4000 x 3000Lens: 4.5 ~ 10mm (2.2x) motorized varifocal


Lens angle:  [3840 x 2160] H : 92.3˚(Wide) ~ 42.6˚(Tele) / V : 49.7˚(Wide) ~ 24.0˚(Tele)

Simple focus (Motorized V/F) / Manual, Remote control via network (Manual, Simple focus)

Color : 0.3Lux (1/30sec, F1.6, 30IRE), 0.01Lux (2sec, F1.6, 30IRE) B/W : 0Lux (IR LED on)

WDR: 120 dB

4K PTZ Camera


PTZ 4K, 20X with IR

PNP-9200RH (Outdoor)

Product sheet

8-MP, 3840 x 21604.8 ~ 96mm (Optical 20x) H : 65.1˚(Wide) ~ 3.8˚(Tele) / V : 38.4˚(Wide) ~ 2.2˚(Tele)


Color : 0.3Lux / F1.6 (1/30sec, F1.8, 50IRE), 0.005Lux (2sec, F1.8, 50IRE) 0.1Lux / F1.6 (1/30sec, F1.8, 30IRE), 0.0005Lux (2sec, F1.8, 30IRE) B/W : 0Lux (IR LED on)

Pan: Range, speed: 360˚ Endless / Preset : 400˚/sec, Manual : 0.024˚/sec ~ 250˚/sec

Tilt: 190˚ (-5˚ ~185˚ ) / Preset : 300˚/sec, Manual : 0.024˚/sec ~ 250˚/sec

WDR: 120 dB



Multi-sensor 180° IP Camera


7.3-MP, 4096 x 1800Lens: 3.6mm fixed


Color : 0.3Lux

Pan/tilt/rotate: 0° ~ 355° / 0° ~ 60°




Multi-sensor Multi-directional IP Camera


8-MP, using Four 1920 x 1080 pixel camerasLens: 2.8 mm to 12 mm (4.3x) motorized zoom and focus
Lens angle: 119.5° to 27.9°Color : 0.015LuxB/W: 0.0015 luxWide Dynamic Range (WDR):  150 dBRequires PoE+ or 12VDC power 
Multi-sensor Multi-directional IP Camera



20-MP, using Four 2560 x 1920 pixel camerasLens: 3.6 mm to 9.4 mm (2.6x) motorized zoom and focus
Lens angle: 102° to 38°Color : 0.07LuxB/W: 0.007 luxWide Dynamic Range (WDR): 120 dBRequires HPoE (injector included) or 12VDC power 

IP Cameras with Narrow Artificial Intelligence. 

IP Cameras and Artificial Intelligence

The latest intelligent IP cameras are smart enough to recognize different objects, such as people, vehicles, and animals. Intelligent enough to reduce false alarms, increase awareness and response time, and even deliver information for demographics (Business Intelligence) purposes.

The addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides a much more effective and efficient IP camera system.  This AI provides critical alarms and reduces the time it takes to review and find the vital video.

These cameras also include a high-performance image processor that enables very low-light performance. Read more about IP cameras with AI. There is also analytic software with advanced capability that can detect threats. Read more about AI in IP camera systems.

Camera models with Artificial Intelligence

The cameras include the following capability:

  • Video Analytics based on AI
    • Object detection and classification(Person, Face, Vehicle, License Plate)
    • Attribute, “BestShot”
  • Resolution 3864(H)x2180(V)
PNV-A9081R4K Network AI IR Vandal Outdoor Dome Camera.
Resolution: 3864(H)x2180(V)
[email protected] (Color),
0Lux (B/W, IR LED on) Day & Night(ICR),
4.5~10mm(2.2x) motorized varifocal
PND-A9081RF 4K Network AI IR Indoor Dome Camera,
[email protected] (Color), 0Lux (B/W, IR LED on) Day & Night(ICR),
motorized varifocal
PNO-A9081R 4K Network AI IR Bullet Camera Up to 3840×2160 4K resolution
[email protected] (Color), 0 Lux (B/W, IR LED on)Day & Night(ICR),
WDR (120dB)
4.5~10mm(2.2x) motorized varifocal

More AI IP Cameras

PNV-A6081R 2-Megapixel Vandal Dome Camera

Key Features

  • Max. 2MP resolution, Up to 120fps
  • Very low-light sensitivity: 0.007 [email protected], 1/30sec. (Color), 0Lux (B/W, IR LED on)
  • Day & Night (ICR), WDR (120dB), WiseNRII (Using AI engine)
  • H.265, H.264, MJPEG, WiseStreamII, WiseStreamIII (Using AI engine)
  • Video Analytics based on AI
    • Object detection and classification (Person, Face, Vehicle, License Plate)
    • Face mask detection, Social distancing detection
    • Attribute, BestShot
  • Compatible with Wisenet Retail Insight v2.0 for Business Intelligence
    • Age/gender based People counting
    • Heatmap, Queue management
  • TPM with FIPS 140-2 level 2, Secure boot, Verify firmware forgery
  • System requirements
    • Wisenet WAVE 4.1 or later, SSM v2.10.8 or later, Genetec plugin v1.0 or later, Milestone plugin v1.0.2 or later, NVR model (XRN-6410DB4/B4, XRN-3210B4)
  • Hard-coated dome bubble/IP66, IP67, IP6K9K, IK10+, NEMA4X

PNO-A6081R 2-Megapixel Bullet Camera

Similar to the PNV-A6081R except this is a bullet type camera.

To learn more about IP cameras with Artificial Intelligence,

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