HIT-Storage Optical Jukebox and Library System

HMS Series

HIT-Storage Optical Jukebox
These libraries and jukeboxes are based on the technology developed at Grundig AG.e. They feature:

  • Excellent reliability
  • Exchangeable 35-disc magazine with built in RFID tags for easy offline indexing
  • Blu-ray archive family from entry level 35 slot to enterprise 560 slot configuration
  • Advanced 100/128GB Blu-ray technology compatible with CD/DVD and Blu-ray standards
  • Industry standard drives, non-proprietary
  • NAS library option
  • Redundant power supply standard in enterprise version of 105 slot model and 350/560 slot models
  • Automated self calibration for library
  • TCP/IP based remote administration tool for all service functions
  • Offline rack solution under file system control, TCP/IP interface, scalable to PB
  • Standard 2YR warranty and 2YR onsite service (5x9x24)
  • Robust reliable robotics.

Optical disc cartridgeSpecification

HIT-Storage manufactures the latest Blu-ray optical Libraries. Select the capcity and performance required from the following table. Need help selecting the right library? Just contact us for help.

HIT-Storage Optical Jukebox and Library System Specifications

HIT-Storage Product Type Disc Capacity Disc Magazines (á 35 Slots) Storage Capacity (BD/BD DL) Drives (max.) Disc Format Mailslot Status-Display Disc Load Time (average) Disc Printer MSBF Interface Power consumption Heat generation Dimensions (Bulk) (WxHxD) Weight (Bulk) Dimensions (Packed) (WxHxD) Weight (Packed)
HMS 1035 BD Library 35 1 0.875 / 1.75 TB 2 CD-ROM / DVD-ROM/±R (DL) / ±RW / -RAM, BD-R / -RE (DL) HMS series libraries are built with state of the art drives yes yes < 3.5 sec. 2.5 Mio. USB 2.0 50 W 120 BTU/h 9.4 x 17.1 x 20.5″ 26.5 lbs 21x25x23″ 65 lbs
HMS 2105 BD Library 105 3 2.62 / 5.25 TB 4 CD-ROM / DVD-ROM/±R (DL) / ±RW / -RAM, BD-R / -RE (DL) HMS series libraries are built with state of the art drives yes yes < 5 sec. 2.5 Mio. SATA/SAS/LAN 110 W 265 BTU/h 9.4 x 23.4 x 25.6″ 57 lbs 21x32x28″ 86 lbs
HMS 3350 BD Library 350 10 8.75 / 17.5 TB 6 CD-ROM / DVD-ROM/±R (DL) / ±RW / -RAM, BD-R / -RE (DL) HMS series libraries are built with state of the art drives yes yes < 6 sec. optional 2.5 Mio. SATA/SAS/LAN 140 W 337 BTU/h 21.5 x 62.2 x 27.5″ 218 lbs (excl. printer) 27.5x68x37″ 247 lbs (excl. printer)
HMS 3560 BD Library 560 16 14 / 28 TB 8 CD-ROM / DVD-ROM/±R (DL) / ±RW / -RAM, BD-R / -RE (DL) HMS series libraries are built with state of the art drives yes yes < 6 sec. optional 2.5 Mio. SATA/SAS/LAN 141 W 340 BTU/h 21.5 x 74.4 x 27.5″ 264 lbs (excl. printer) 27.5x79x37″ 335 lbs (excl. printer)
HMS 8-OFF Offline Rack max. 3360 Discs max. 96 Magazines in 8 / 12 drawers max. 84 / 168 TB yes Manual LAN, RFID < 30 W < 72 BTU/h 23.6 x 74.8 x 33.5″ 463 lbs (excl. magazine) 30x80x43″ 666 lbs (excl. magazine)

HIT-Storage Optical Jukebox
These libraries support the latest 100 GB Blu-ray media. This doubles the listed capacity.

Features and Benefits of HMS-Series Archiving Libraries

35-disc magazine with built in RFID tags for easy offline indexing

When teamed with management software, the built-in RFID tag allows you to create a searchable off-line database.

NAS library option.

TCP/IP connectivity makes it very easy to trouble shoot problems using a remote technician, reducing repair time.


Virtualized Storage

Discs are virtualized into volumes for ease of management.

Volume Mirroring.

Creates a second copy for disaster recovery.



Optional active-active asynchronous remote replication for automated, offsite disaster recovery.




PoINTStorage Manager

PoINTStorage Manager

PoINT Storage Manager provides virtualized storage devices. Hard disks can be enlarged network-wide, files can be replicated and “Fixed Content” can be archived. Hard disk, tape or optical systems storage systems are used more efficiently which saves costs in the long run.

Migration is an embedded function of PoINT Storage Manager as the lifetime of each physical storage device and technology is limited. Thus, a storage solution must not be static but renewed continuously…more

Law and regulations force companies to handle their data compliantly. Very often, record retention periods or qualities (e.g. original, electronically auditable) are specified but not the storage technology to be used. Therefore, the file system interface PoINT VFS offers the possibility to implement every supported device as archive storage and access it directly or in combination with a document management system or other applications. Additionally, the PoINT TAFS agent can even protect existing directories on hard disk to avoid unauthorized manipulation of the files stored therein. Depending on the configuration, the local file system can even be used as “Write Once Read Many” (WORM) storage..

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