CD and DVD Duplication and Publishing Systems

 Sorry, these systems have been discontinued.  

We used to sell CD/DVD duplicators and publishers that made it easy to copy CD-ROM and DVD-ROM discs. As an alternative visit Microboards, Primera, and Rimage websites.

Today we focus on network-attached security systems. Please take a look at all the other products we sell that make your world safer.

For security products look at IP Surveillance Products | IP Access Control | IP Paging and Intercom Systems

For your reference, here is information about these products:


These automated duplication systems allowed you to stack 50 to 800 discs on the input spindles, start the job, and walk away. The duplication systems included robotics that moved the CDs from the input spindle into the recorders and then stacked them on the output spindle.  Publishers include built-in ink jet or thermal transfer printers to provide professional quality discs.  We also had automated disc printing systems. This provided the flexibility of duplicating on one system and printing on another system, increasing the total throughput and improving reliability.

Here are some of the CD DVD duplicating systems that were available:

PC Connected Duplication Systems

Duplication Systems

DVD and CD Disc Publishing Systems

Select from entry-level to production class CD and DVD publishing systems

Microboards MX-1 Publishing System

Microboards 100-disc DVD/CD publishing system is a very cost-effective system that includes dual recorders and a built-in printer.

Rimage Desktop Publishing System

PC connected with Automatic Media Handling.

Unattended Processing with built-in CD-Printer (100 CDs)

Standalone CD and DVD Duplication Systems


Select from 50 to 300-disc CD or DVD automated standalone duplicators.

The MicroOrbitDVD  Was one of the most economical automatic 50-disc CD/DVD Duplication Systems available.

MF Digital

Stand Alone Duplication systems are available with and without printers.

Systems that duplicate and print

Network Attached CD and DVD Publishing Systems


MF Digita
Publishing Systems that can be shared on the network

Select from 250 to 600-disc CD or DVD network-attached, automated, standalone duplicators with choice of printers. These CD/DVD Duplication systems can be linked together to create very large duplication and publishing systems.

Please check the latest technology for enhancing your security systems:  Optical Bluray-Jukeboxes, IP Camera Systems, Door access control, Network attached Intercoms, and IP paging systems.

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