MF Digital CD and DVD Disc Duplicator and Publisher Systems

Sorry, these systems have been discontinued.  

We used to sell CD/DVD duplicators and publishers that made it easy to copy CD-ROM and DVD-ROM discs. As an alternative visit Microboards, Primera, and Rimage websites.

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For your reference, here is information about this product:


Unfortunately, we no longer carry these CD and DVD duplication systems. This standalone CD Duplicator allowed you to master and print discs. It provided a complete publishing system.

These unique CD and DVD duplication and publishing systems included a built in PC, and could be attached to the network so they could be used by everyone on your network. You could select the CD and DVD Copier that met your requirements. Choose from 300 to 600-disc capacity systems and printers that provide professional quality CD and DVD disc publishing.



When you need a duplication system that can be shared by everyone on the network, the Scibe is best for you. Network attached models available with 300 Disc capacity. Select 2 or 4 writers and optional inkjet, dye sublimation or thermal printer.


  • Built in PC
  • Network ready
  • Standalone or network operation. Allows multiple users to send jobs to this publishing system.
  • Image pre-staging
  • Complete job log
  • Print unique, serialized labels and custom individual prints through powerful labeling software
  • Queuing and spooling make this best for network disc publishing applications
  • Includes client software for easy sharing of this duplication and publishing system
Systems Available 
Includes Picojet printer
300 Disc capacity.
2 drives
Includes Picojet printer
300 Disc capacity.
4 drives.


When you needed a duplication system that could publish one-off unique discs as well as duplicating many discs, this was the system for you. It allowed you to burn discs on-demand providing a powerful disc publishing system.

  • Provides asynchronous on demand duplication / publishing — each drive prints and burns independently of the others.
  • Network Attached and shared by many users
  • 24/7 Mission Critical / High Capacity 250 discs
  • Job processing of up to 4 unique jobs simultaneously (depending on model)




Network attached 6-drive tower systems allow you to burn discs from your PC. You can link multiple systems to create a very large, very high speed duplication system.

  • Link multiple towers on the network to grow the system
  • Business card CD compatible
  • Network Attached and shared by many users
  • Simple one-touch keypad makes it as easy as a photo copier
  • Audio MP3 to Wav conversion