PA Systems

Campus-Wide Alert System

This network-attached IP based public address and intercom system improve campus security by adding emergency alert capabilities. They provide communications to multi-building or multi-campus school or corporate environments.

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IP Speakers with Built-in Amplifiers

IP Speaker systems that connect directly to the network are the simplest and quickest to install. No need to run speaker wires, just plug the speaker system into your PoE type network drop and you’re done. It’s easy.

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PA over IP

Now it’s easier than ever to install a campus-wide paging or intercom system using your existing Ethernet network. It can be used to provide emergency notification to the campus or specific messages to each room.

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Portable Public Address and PA Systems

Make Sure you get what you need. Here are the answers to the questions you should be asking.

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Wireless PA Systems

Some portable sound systems include wireless microphones. This makes it easy to walk around while making the presentation. There are a variety of microphones available so you need to specify the one you want when ordering the system.

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