Amplivox SW212 Mity-Vox PA System

iPod Wireless PA System

This portable public address systems provide crystal clear sound, durable, lightweight construction and the convenience of wireless operation. It features built-in battery charger, wireless handheld microphone and protective case.Product Specifications:Product Weight: 7.5 lbs.
Product Dimensions: 11.25″H x 9″W x 6.5″D
Speaker: One Internal 6.5″ speaker
Operating Range: 64 to 128 ft (20-40m)
Receiving Mode: VHF 193 mhz Wireless
S/N Radio: SPL 80dBAmplifier Specs: 20 watts and up to 80 dB’s
Maximum Audiences Size: 150
Maximum Room Size: 1500 sq. ft.
Features: Treble and base controls, adjustable wireless antenna, power indicator, Mic and CD inputs, record line out, and echo function.Other: Includes Protective Carrying Case
Power Options: Powered by Rechargeable SLA 12v 1.3amp Battery or auxiliary 8 Rechargeable D-Cell Batteries, Includes AC Adapter for Operation while Plugged In. Wireless Mics are powered by 9volt battery (not included)We have a wide choice of PA Systems available. Contact us for help in selecting the right one for you.

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SW212 PA System

SW212 – $389
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  • 20 Watts Max Sound Output for that boost you need to be heard above the crowd.
  • Powered by Rechargeable SLA Battery or auxiliary 8 D-Cell Batteries (not included) or Straight from AC with Included AC Adapter Recharger.
  • Protective Case with strap and clear area for viewing/operating indicator status, and control knobs.
  • Handheld Wireless Mic for versatility and hands free use! Hands free operation makes this unit great for coaches, or presentations.
  • Wireless and wired Mic, CD, Volume, Treble, Bass and Echo Controls… Versatility to enhance your multimedia presentation.
  • Compact Dimensions for ease of storage and use (11.25″H x 9″W x 6.5″D).
SW212 PA System

More Features

  1. Adjustable Wireless Antenna
  2. On/Off Switch & Power Indicator Light
  3. Wireless Handheld Mic Volume & Indicator Light
  4. Wired Microphone Jack with Volume Control (Can easily be used with CD, MP3 or other source)
  5. Audio input jack w/ volume control for CD MP3, or any 1/8″ (3.5mm) jack.
  6. Treble/Base Control
  7. Jack Out for Recording
  8. Reverb/Echo control
  9. Speaker 6.5-in
  10. Wireless Handheld Mic
  11. Power Cord & Audio (1/4″ to 1/8″/3.55mm Input Cable
  12. Handle
  13. Carrying Case
  14. Tripod Mount Socket
  15. Back of Unit: Unit Powered by Built-In Rechargeable SLA 12v. 1.3 amp Battery. Auxiliary 8 D-Cell Battery Secondary Power Source – Battery Holder Shown

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