Anchor ProLink 500 Wireless Intercom

Anchor PortaCom Wired Intercom

Anchor ProLink 500

The Anchor wireless intercom provides full duplex communications between up to 4 people at the same time. It has the option of unlimited listen only units.

The transmitter and receiver operate utilizing the FCC license free 902 – 928 MHz range for the U.S. without the need for a base station. ProLink 500 has the capability to transmit up to 500 feet line of sight and allows communication through walls and glass. It also has optional Bluetooth or encryption capability available upon request.

Features of Intercom System

  • 500 ft. line of site wireless communication
  • Heavy duty 4-pin XLR connector
  • Choice of single, dual muff, or lightweight headset
  • A/B channel selection
  • Push to Talk or Always On modes
  • Microphone gain setting
  • Out of range LED indicator
  • Low Battery LED indicator
  • Rechargeable batteries included
  • Gang charger for four belt packs
  • FCC license free

Specifications for the PortaCom Wired Intercom

The RescueMan is very small and portable.

RF Frequency Range 902-928MHz
Modulation FSK
Range (line of sight) Duplex 500’ / 152.4 m
Antenna 1/2 – wavelength dipole
Power Supply 9VDC, 1.2ADC
Battery Life 12 hours
Dimensions (HWD) 4.5” x 6.25” x 3.75” (114.3 x 158.75 x 95.25 mm)
Weight 15 oz / 0.42kg (with batteries)
H-2000/H-2000S Dual-Earpieces/Single-Earpiece Headset
Headphones Single-Ear (H-2000S) & Dual-Ear Headphones (H-2000)

(Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice)

ProLink 500 Top

Models and Components

• PRO-540
Four User Package: One BP-500M master belt pack, three BP-500R remote belt packs, four headsets (H-2000 or H-2000S), one GC-500 gang charger & one lightweight, high-density cardboard case

• PRO-570
Seven User Package: Two BP-500M master belt packs, Five BP-500R remote belt packs, Seven headsets (H-2000 or H-2000S), Two GC-500 gang charger & one lightweight, high-density cardboard case

Master belt pack
Remote belt pack
Listen only belt pack
Dual ear muff headset
Dual muff headset listen only
Single muff headset listen only
Gang charger

Technical Support

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