Remote Zoom and Focus IP Cameras

Axis, Hanwha (Samsung), and Sony Include IP Camera Models with Remote Zoom and Focus

AXIS P335X and P336X Series of IP Cameras with Remote Zoom and Focus

Fixed Dome Network Cameras for any environment with remote zoom and auto-focus lenses. Provide excellent low light performance. Select from 16 different models that include tamper-proof, vandal-resistant and outdoor-ready as well as Meg-pixel resolution.

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Hanwha IP Cameras

Hanwha (used to be Samsung) has five families of cameras: the WiseNet lite, P series, Q series, WiseNet III series, and the highest performance X-Series. Some of the dome and bullet cameras include remote focus and zoom. For example, the XNV-6085 includes remote control of the zoom lens, focus, and position of the camera. Can remotely pan, tilt and rotate the camera for set up.

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Sony 2 Megapixel Dome IP Cameras

Sony’s high-performance dome IP cameras include remote zoom and focus lenses. They have excellent low light sensitivity along with very wide dynamic range.

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