On Site Access Control Software

Pure Access Manager

Pure Access Manager is the latest on-premise door access control software from ISONAS that compliments their market leading Pure Access Cloud product. The Pure Access products are targeted at low to medium installations with no limit on the number of doors.  Pure Access brings new features and functionality to access control and highlights the unique capabilities of a Pure IP hardware solution.  The access point configuration wizard, customizable dashboard views and a simple, modern interface are all available in the Pure Access Manager on-premise version.

Alternative Management Software: Pure Access Cloud | More Access Control Management Software


Pure Access Dashboard

Pure Access Manager provides a complete access control platform allowing for full installation, administration and management of the ISONAS patented Pure IP access control hardware. The modern user interface establishes a new standard for ease of use in managing an unlimited number of access points across any geography through a mobile device, tablet or modern browser.


  • This is a browser-based web application that is hosted on your network
  • Simple setup and management: Set up and configure your access points in a matter of minutes, reducing overall installation time and costs. The step by step access point check out process allows you to test the IP configuration and connectivity, the lock wiring and other accessories all from your mobile device
  • Manage from anywhere:  You can manage your access control system from anywhere using your computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Easily customized: Individual dashboard widgets allow you to customize how you monitor your system in real time. The responsive design provides a fully interactive monitoring capability from your mobile device, tablet or modern browser
  • Includes Active Directory integration
  • The infrastructure uses a PostgreSQL database on a Windows® Server and the web application is written in Java served up by Apache Tomcat
  • The same features and functionality of Pure Access Cloud are available
  • Software upgrades are offered as an additional service in a one, two or three year program

Note:  The ability to manage sub-tenants is only available in the Pure Access Cloud platform.  It is not available in Pure Access Manager, however, door groups can be combined into actionable Areas.

Hardware Requirements:

  • Windows® Server 2012R2 or newer
  • Intel i5 or greater
  • 8GB ram
  • 500 GB HDD
  • Virtual Environment with a hypervisor download
  • 80GB of disk space available from the VM


EasyWeb and DBCrystal Matrix Replaced by Pure Access Software

EasyWeb and DBCrystal were great programs, but like all software, new capability requires change.  If you have EasyWeb or DBCrystal, you may have to move to the latest software.  DBCrystal doesn’t support the latest IP door readers, so if you plan to add more readers, you will need to move to the new software. Even if you don’t require more door readers, you may need to upgrade to assure compatibility with new operating system updates.  ISONAS has announced the end of life effective March 31, 2018 of their legacy software products DBCrystal and EasyWeb2015.  You can upgrade to Pure Access Cloud or Pure Access Manager to maintain support.  Take a look at our FAQ’s that answer some of your questions, or contact us for help in your upgrade process.

ISONAS End of Life Statement

With the introduction of the Pure Access software, the legacy software DBCrystal Matrix and EasyWeb 2015, have come to their end of life.   These products will no longer be available for new installs starting April 1, 2017.  We will continue to support this product through March 31, 2018 for users with Legacy Support Agreements.  If you have a support agreement in place we will continue to honor it until its expiration or March 31, 2018.

All new installations and all existing sites should upgrade to Pure Access Cloud, Pure Access Manager to continue to receive support.  The RC-03, RC-04, and IP Bridge hardware will all migrate to the new software platforms.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are my options since DBC will no longer be supported after March 2018?

You can choose to upgrade to Pure Access Cloud software which is fully hosted by ISONAS, or upgrade to Pure Access Manager which is an on premise software. Contact our sales team to learn more about the best fit for your site at 800-431-1658 in the USA or at 914-944-3425 everywhere else.

  1. What hardware models are compatible with the new software?

RC-02: Only supported by DBCrystal and EasyWeb. (Check with our support team for alternatives)

RC-03: Supported by DBCrystal and EasyWeb; and Pure Access Manager and Pure Access Cloud

RC-04: Supported by the latest Pure Access Manager and Pure Access Cloud

  1. How do I upgrade to Pure Access?

A member of our support team will assist in exporting your current database from DBCrystal and importing it into your Pure Access instance.  This export will bring all users and badge information, all user groups, access points and access point groups to your new platform.

  1. What if I have a PRC, RC-01 or RC-02’s and want to move to Pure Access?

The newest hardware from ISONAS, the RC-04 or the RC-03, are compatible with Pure Access, so any other versions of hardware will need to be upgraded.  Contact our sales team to learn more about our upgrade programs.

  1. What if I have RC-03’s and want to upgrade to RC-04’s?

This is great and we’d be happy to assist.  Please reach out to our sales team to learn about our upgrade program and this process.

  1. What features and functionality will be added to the RC-04 that will not be available in the RC-03?

The biggest functionality changes will be making the reader more and more self-sufficient. Bluetooth has been added to RC04 readers.  Currently there are several features that occur at the reader level and we will continue to add more of these into the RC-04.

  1. What if I have a project that is set to be installed after April 1, 2017 and will require DBCrystal or EasyWeb 2015?

Please contact our sales team so they can work with you on this project to understand the needs and discuss options.

  1. What if I have an existing support agreement for DBCrystal?

We will honor all existing support agreements through their expiration or March 31, 2018, whichever is sooner.

  1. What if I need some help determining what the best transition plan is for my site?

Our team is happy to assist. Contact us at 800-431-1658 in the USA, or at 914-944-3425 everywhere  else, or use our contact form.


If you don’t require on site license, you can use the latest Pure Access Cloud based software. This IP door cloud platform provides access control that can be accessed from any computer or smartphone. This hosted service provides full installation, administration and management of your ISONAS access control hardware. IP Door Access Cloud Control

With this remote server control you can manage an unlimited number of door access points across any geography through a mobile device, tablet or modern browser.

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Contact us for assistance in designing your system or whenever you need technical support Call: 800-431-1658 in the USA or 914-944-3425 outside the USA or use our contact form.