IP Door Access Cloud Control

Pure Access IP Door Access Cloud for Isonas

Cloud Access Control and Management
Cloud Access Control and Management

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Pure Access provides a complete hosted IP door access control platform available in the cloud.  This allows full installation, administration, and management of your Isonas access control hardware. The cloud server makes installing and controlling your IP door access control system extremely easy.  All the IP door readers and IP controllers can be installed from anywhere.

Manage an unlimited number of door access points across any geography through a mobile device, tablet or modern browser.

  • A 100% browser-based experience for installation and administration
  • Access securely anytime, anywhere from just about any device
  • Streamlined installation and configuration
  • Manage multiple properties departments, and organizations
  • Runs on Windows, Mac, or other platforms
  • Operates on IOS and Android mobile devices using a web browser
  • Includes Active Directory Integration (with over 51 readers)
Cloud Access Control Management
Cloud Access Control Management

Access Point Configuration Wizard

Set up and configure your door control access points in a matter of minutes. This cloud system reduces overall installation time and cost.  The step by step access point check-out process allows you to test the IP configuration and connectivity.   You can even test the lock, wiring, and other accessories all from your mobile device.

Pure Access Mobile App
Pure Access Mobile App

Fully Hosted Access Control Platform

This hosted system provides peace of mind and eliminates the need to support on-site hardware.  ISONAS reader-controllers are pre-configured to the cloud.  The IP readers only require a network connection on your site; making your ISONAS system truly plug and play.

Intuitively add users, access points and rules with our drag and drop functionality. Simplified workflows provide an easy to use system that requires minimal training.

Browser-based:  Can be controlled using a web browser on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. It’s a truly universal access control system.

Customizable Dashboards

Access Control Management Dashboard
Access Control Management Dashboard

Individual dashboard widgets allow you to customize how you monitor your access control system in real-time. The responsive design provides a fully interactive monitoring capability from your mobile device, tablet or modern browser.

Customize the system to your specific organization.  Set up a management screen for your receptionist, your human resources, or security manager.  Each dashboard controls and monitors specific functions.

Isonas Door Access Reader/Controllers

IP Isonas door reader/controllers provide the Intelligence at the door. This access control system is connected to the network and use PoE.  Read More … 

More Access Control Software

Access control management software determines who can enter, what door they can use, and when they can come in.  The access control management software is associated with each type of access control systems. The software controls the specific type of door readers and controllers so they must be selected with the matching system. We provided descriptions of the software that supports the specific access control system.  Read More … 

Do you need help designing your security system, just contact us.  We have a lot of experience with network-attached security and surveillance systems.  Whether you need a door control system, IP intercom, or surveillance IP camera system, contact us for assistance in designing your system.  We provide pre and post technical support.   Call us at 800-431-1658 in the USA or 914-944-3425 outside the USA, or use our contact form.