LPR Web Server Software

LPR Web Server Software From Kintronics

The Server Software (LPR-Server) Is a web based software system that provides centralized access, management and control of one or more LPR systems. Users of the interface can view, sort, create reports on, and receive alerts from the LPR data collected and stored in the IZServer system database.

LPR Web Server Software

Key Features of LPR-Server

  • Provides an easy to use web client interface.
  • Provides an interface to other software systems such as OnSSi video management software and access control systems
  • Provides a centralized access point for multiple LPR systems
  • View, sort and create reports, receive alerts
  • Monitors system health

This real time software technology provides current operational status of each lane. Information includes view of alerts and stored data.

Software Details

LPR Server
Communication Provides a go/no-go connectivity status for each connected lane. A green icon indi-cates the lane is connected. A red icon in-dicates the lane is out of service or not operating properly.
SystemID This is the lane ID assigned in the InSignia Device Manager on the DPU. This field will have a numerical value.
Health Status monitor LastUpdateTime, Provides the date and time of the last heartbeat detected from each system monitored.
Journaling (Data Recording)
Database MS Access
Central Journal User configurable – store on central location.
Data stored ALPR result, confidence, date, time, unique event ID, lane identifiers, camera identifier, vehicle information (if configured).
Central Journal User configurable – store on central location.
Monitoring Tools
ZEB Monitor Live view of video streams and real time ALPR results
Journal Monitor View of ALPR event data and associated images; updated on each event
Protocol Monitors Live view of sent / received messages for communication protocols
UIC Monitor Status monitor for relay activity
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