Lens Selection Chart

Lens Selection Chart

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Varifocal lenses

What focal length lens do I need?
Guide: the smaller the focal length number => the wider is the angle of the field of view.

To determine what lens you need, take a look at the article Calculating What You Can See With Your IP Camera.   Once you calculate the viewing angle you need, you can select the lens.   It’s easy to select the right lens if the manufacturer provides the lens angle as well as the mm of the lens. It they don’t provide the angle, then use the lens calculator to determine the mm of the lens.

If you have a camera in a large office area or warehouse, and you want to see as much as you can, you should use a 2.8 or 4 mm lens (that provides a wide view)

If you want to observe an area that’s far away area, or zoom in on a small area like a doorway, you should use an 8 mm or 12 mm lens (that provides a narrow view and objects are closer).

Check the table below for the angle for field of view.  It’s always a good idea to select a varifocal lens so you can make final adjustments when the camera is installed.  Calculations will get you close, but the real world may require some fine tuning to get the view you want.

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Lens Selection Chart – For Megapixel Cameras

* C mount lens require CS Adapter when used with cameras with CS type mounts.

Manufacturer and Product NumberApproximate Field of ViewMountFocal Length (in mm)ApertureApplication
Computar M0814-MP40 degreeC*8f1.4megapixel normal
Computar M1214-MP25 degreeC*12f1.4megapixel tele
Computar M2514-MP12.5 degreeC*25f1.4megapixel X-tele
UOSS HKM1214CS25 degreeCS12f1.4inexpensive

Alternative Megapixel Lenses

Many of the megapixel box IP cameras accepts different lenses. Any camera with a megapixel imager, should use a lens that has a resolution capability that matches the camera. Normal CCTV lenses do not take full advantage of the resolution of Megapixel cameras, and you will notice the image improvement if you select a megapixel lens.

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