Sony SNC- EM602R

Sony Dome IP Camera SNC VM632

The SNC-EM602R is part of Sony’s line of 1.3-megapixel dome IP camera systems. With a versatile camera, a wide dynamic range, and a durable protective casing, it represents a good choice for outdoor locations like building entrances and parking lots.

The camera can be remotely or manually focused and zoomed. However, the camera position itself is not motorized and must be adjusted manually.

The EM series represents an economical dome camera system, with fewer features than Sony’s VM series and a smaller price tag to accommodate more limited surveillance budgets.

Intelligent Surveillance Software
DEPA Advanced Intelligent Video Analytics gives you the power to program your camera system with protocols that will trigger an alarm based on certain events. These analytics include face detection, to discern when a human face has entered the field of vision, line crossing, to detect when a certain boundary is breached, object removal, to discern when something has been taken from the field of vision, or object left behind, to discern when a foreign object has been left in the field of vision.

Video Quality
This camera is armed with 1.3 megapixels, a resolution of 1280 x 1024, and a frame rate of 30fps. True day/night functionality allows it to adjust to lower or higher levels of light, delivering the best image throughout the day. Visibility enhancer technology and XDNR noise reduction work to optimize the brightness and color reproduction of a captured image on a pixel-by-pixel basis, producing a cleaner, sharper image.

Extras and Peripherals
This IP camera system can be mounted on indoor wall mount brackets, pole mounts, and gooseneck wall mounts to accommodate a number of different needs.

Protective Features
The EM602R is designed for outdoor use, with a durable water-resistant and dust-tight casing to protect against damaging environmental effects.