Web Caching Appliance and CD/DVD Server

Avantis Caching and Content Delivery Solutions

ContentCache CD DVD Server

Sorry.  We no longer provide the Avantis caching and content delivery solution.

For information purposes only:  Thee systems were designed to accelerate and enhance access to web content and e-learning resources and enable the effective delivery, sharing and management of content within schools and local education authorities. This powerful system is not only a Proxy Server it is also a CD DVD Server.

Optimized for high performance and high reliability, Avantis web caching appliances and content delivery management software have been developed specifically to cope with the rigorous demands of the education sector.

ContentCache™  Internet Acceleration and Effective E-learning for Schools

ContentCache™, powered by Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server, is a new smart web caching appliance available in Primary School, Secondary School, and College editions.

Please click on the ContentCache™ link to find out more.

ContentCache™ Central

Unleash the Power of ContentCache™

ContentCache™ Central is a central management platform for ContentCache appliances that converts a multitude of stand-alone ContentCache edge caches into a fully-fledged network

Please click on the ContentCache™ Central link to find out more.

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The following systems have been discontinued:  CD DVD-ROM Towers, CD-ROM Server, CD DVD  RAID, Presentation Technology and more.

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