Ocularis Legacy Upgrade Path


The list below shows the upgrade path to the latest version of the Ocularis software:

OcularisPS -> Ocularis Professional

Description:  This has been replaced by Ocularis Professional.  This VMS software is designed for organizations or with small security and monitoring requirements. Ocularis Professional is best used in small security applications operating in a single location, running a relatively small number of cameras.

OcularisPS software replaced ProSightSMB.  If you have the older software, contact us for the upgrade program available.

Key Benefits of Ocularis Professional:

  • Centrally manage camera views, events, and operators user rights
  • Advanced investigation tools provide fast access to incidents
  • Built-in, multi-level maps allow you to easily navigate your system
  • Receive analytics and smart alerts from cameras and recorders
  • On-demand or scheduled video exports from mobile or remote locations
  • 128 cameras per server
  • A wide range of third-party integrations to help you quickly identify various threats

OcularisIS –> Ocularis Enterprise

OcularisCS –> Ocularis Enterprise


Both Ocularis IS and CS have been combined and replaced by Ocularis Enterprise. It is a mid-range solution for organizations where the security organization is localized to each location. It is designed for security applications at multiple locations with a large number of cameras. It supports integration with access control, intercoms and other 3rd-party systems. It is excellent for organizations with dedicated resources for security. It adds the capability of On-event automated push-video alerting.

Ocularis Enterprise is a more sophisticated product that is best for large distributed organizations with complicated command and control security needs.

It includes all the features listed for the other versions and adds support for VideoWall (option) and OpenSight add-ons (option), allowing the control of video walls at multiple command and control centers, and incorporating camera streams from other Ocularis installations.

This software replaced NetDVR software.  Note NetGuard-EVS client software has been replaced by the Ocularis client.  CS replaced the previous DS version and is an improvement over NetDVMS. NetGuard-EVS which has been replaced by the Ocularis client. Contact us if you would like to upgrade your VMS software.

If you have the older software, contact us for the upgrade program available.

Key Benefits of Ocularis Enterprise: (Adds the following additional capability)

  • Unlimited cameras per sever allow for greater scalability and density
  • Enhance collaboration by sharing your display with remote operators with the VideoWall option
  • Centralized recorder management for easier configuration with advanced system monitoring capabilities
  • Get Closer To Preventionwith advanced alerts from third-party integrations for video analytics, access control, POS, ATM, LPR and more
  • Recording server failover and camera management redundancy provides maximum data protection

OcularisLS –> Ocularis Ultimate

OcularisES –> Ocularis Ultimate


Both Ocularis LS and ES have been replaced by Ocularis Ultimate.  Ocularis LS was best for organizations that have a large distributed security organization. It has no size limitation,and provides alerting and 3rd party integration including video content analytics when required.Customer typically has an extensive Command Center and requires centralized management of all recording servers, multi-cast network and system fail-over support..

Key benefits of Ocularis Ultimate: (Adds the following additional capability)

  • OpenSight™ allows other Ocularis systems to easily share cameras and events for quicker response
  • Edge recording provides network failure backup with seamless reconnection of video
  • Recording server failover and camera management redundancy provide maximum data protection
  • Video Aging enables efficient long-term storage
  • Enhance collaboration by sharing your display with remote operators with Ocularis VideoWall
  • Multicast video to Ocularis Clients for better bandwidth optimization

Ocularis 6


Ocularis 6 is the next generation of Ocularis video management software. It provides many new capabilities.  There are 3 versions of the software designed for small, medium and enterprise type surveillance systems.  more …

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