IP Door Access Control Systems 2023 Updates

Increased Security and New Benefits for IP Door Access Control

Access Control and Intercoms
Access Control and Intercoms

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Door Access Control Systems have advanced over the last year. The access control system uses door readers that detect the unique identification numbers provided by credentials. A credential can be an RFID card or keyFob, a person’s smartphone, or a biometric (for example, your face or fingerprint). A door access control system also includes Access Control Management Software that manages all aspects of the IP door access control system. It determines who can enter, when, and what door they can use. When a registered credential is detected, the controller releases the electric lock.

Why Door Access Control Systems are Secure

Access control systems increase security by preventing unauthorized entry. Credentials, like a card, are used to identify the right person who can enter the door. Access control determines who can open a specific door at a scheduled time and date.

Access control systems include more than just a door reader. They can include intercoms, cameras, and even walk-through metal detectors. Each of these security systems adds another level of safety. The different components play unique roles in your overall security.

The latest access control systems add better credentials and secure door reader connections. The door reader includes encrypted data transfers, and the electric locks are protected by internal circuits that prevent vandalism.

The Benefits of Door Access Control Systems

When we need to make an access control purchasing decision, we are motivated by many different factors. Maybe we recognize that there are increasing threats to the organization, or perhaps it’s because something has already happened.  Maybe an intruder or an unauthorized person entered the computer room, or possibly some inventory was stolen from the warehouse. All these situations benefit from IP door control systems

Here are some reasons to use door access control:

Protect your Employees – IP Access Control provides a safe working environment

Access control allows the right people to enter and keeps out those who shouldn’t be there. This keeps your employees safe.

Access Control and Increases Health

The COVID pandemic has taught us that we need to be aware of how disease can be transmitted and take proactive measures to keep everyone healthy.

Access Control Systems Restrict Unauthorized Access & Reduce Theft

We can protect the organization’s assets by controlling who has access to specific areas and at what time they can enter. IP door access control monitors who enter the storage rooms, computer room, laboratory, and parking garage ensure that everything is kept secure.

Access Control at the Hospital

Meet the Regulations in Healthcare

Access control helps you meet HIPPA regulations. The systems provide data confidentiality, limit access to medication in Doctor’s office, and protect insurance documents.  

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