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IP Cameras with IP Door Access

Access control used to be a mostly mechanical application with basic functions until IP door control software breathed new possibilities into it.

  • Used alone,  door control systems can deny unauthorized access to secure areas but it provides no visual evidence as to just who an intruder is.
  • On its own, video management software can report on an event that has happened or is happening, but it cannot act upon it.

However recent advances in IP technology make possible the seamless integration of IP access control systems with network camera surveillance systems, resulting in a comprehensive, efficient security solution capable of integrating with video and intrusion detection systems. The solution provides a single interface that controls doors, manages access control system and video management software events and alarms, enabling fast decision-making in the event of an emergency.

Should an access control event occur, security can quickly access the video from an integrated ACS/VMS rather than rushing over to a separate IP camera recording system to see who is attempting to enter. Quicker investigation of an event equals quicker response and situational awareness than would be achieved by relying on either system on its own.

Some solutions regard the access control system as the command for the integrated system since door control, on its own, can actually prevent an event from taking place while backing it up with evidential information,

Door Access Control System
Door Access Control System

ISONAS, one of the first manufacturers of IP door access control systems, has come up with a solution that empowers the video management system by putting it at the front end of a unified system,  in essence, providing one powerful interface for managing ACS and VMS events and alarms and controlling doors.


Should an alarm occur, the video will quickly alert security and if further investigation is warranted, ISONAS powerful alarm management features will permit security personnel to search, push alarms and update their status, while bookmarking the event to provide a comprehensive security management solution.


Ocularis, from ONSSI, is a perfect VMS partner. Used alone it combines the best quality video surveillance and security while providing a comprehensive event management platform. However integrating it with ISONAS door control, expands its capabilities as the single command and control for video, access control, and license plate recognition.


And should its video content analytics determine events such as a camera being tampered with, an object left behind, or a secure zone barrier breached, it will send an alert to the appropriate personnel and if needed restrict access.

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