Wireless IP Security Cameras and Perimeter Protection

Samsung Wireless Camera

The question is Who needs wireless IP security cameras?

The answer is schools, transport companies, oil companies, entertainment venues, and construction sites.

Wireless IP cameras  are the perfect solution to the problem of monitoring areas beyond the scope of traditional network cameras.

IP surveillance camera systems

They can be mounted close to their intended subject and connect to high performance radios with directional antennas that use their own wireless protocol to stream high bandwidth video to the VMS.

(For a detailed explanation of how wireless IP cameras work, see our earlier post)

Outside, Outback, and the Outer-Reaches

school stadium


Schools, like every sector of twenty-first century life, have faced their share of violence. Most districts have installed IP surveillance camera systems  but administrators struggle with how to make the school a welcoming place while protecting students and staff from external violence.

Wireless IP cameras can provide relatively unobtrusive surveillance. Wireless camera systems can be installed in parking lots, playgrounds, athletic fields and stadiums to stream live video back to the central VMS to monitor against intruders, prevent crime, and monitor student misconduct and accidents.


Construction Sites

With their undefined perimeters, construction sites can be a security nightmare, whether located in urban, suburban, or rural areas. Since guards can’t be everywhere all the time, thieves have easy access and exit, and the resulting loss of tools, equipment, and raw materials leads to scheduling delays and higher insurance premiums.

Since no cabling is required, other than a power cable,cameras can be moved around to monitor different areas as construction continues, as long as there is an AC outlet available; and when the project has been completed, the cameras can be packed up and taken to a new site.

Logistics and Trucking Facilities

Truckers keep our country running, transporting food, merchandise, equipment or households from coast to coast.  When they’re not on the road, their huge trucks with their valuable cargo can be wide open targets for thieves and vandals since logistics facilities and yards are usually located in isolated open areas.

Because of their importance to the economy and presence on the roads, the government regulates the trucking industry to prevent illegal activity, protect assets, and insure safety. Wireless cameras can be perfect supplements  to an IP security camera system already in place, providing complete coverage of the site. When incidents can be pinpointed immediately, they can be resolved sooner and valuable cargo can get to its destination sooner.

Gas and Oil Fields

If trucking keeps the economy running, the oil industry is its heart. Any incident that disrupts access to oil and gas, be it an accident or a natural disaster, invariably results in global panic. An industry so vital to the world is always at the mercy of terrorists, and so it is imperative that not only must access be monitored and controlled, but that 24/7 situational awareness be maintained

This is no easy task considering that oil refineries, gas fields, and the like are in remote, often harsh locations far from the nearest town. That’s why employing wireless cameras is the answer. Their wireless protocol means the radios can maintain a secure connection and reliable transmission of streaming video to the nearest network access point so that should a response be called for, it will be rapid and immediate.

Entertainment Venues


Sports stadiums, which often host concerts, are built to hold audiences numbering in the tens of thousands so they must be located in wide open areas with multiple access and exit routes. By the very nature of the beast, attendees at concerts and sports games pose risks to themselves since fans often overindulge and can become unruly at the drop of a dime. The fact that large gatherings are often on the scopes of terrorists adds to security concerns.

Wireless cameras can be installed and redeployed to meet the needs of whatever events are being held. Furthermore they can monitor the far reaches of the parking areas so that security can respond to any vandalism or attempted theft and not only the fans but their vehicles can emerge safe and sound.

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Reliability of Wireless

Thanks to years of research and development, today’s robust wireless data technology  can transmit more data farther and are less affected by interference, and better able to maintain a connection with the receiver.

Perhaps the best news overall is that Wireless surveillance was able to take a giant step when the FCC released the FCC 14-30 rule increasing spectrum availability for high-capacity, high-speed wireless and other unlicensed uses in the 5 gHz band.