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The Economic Benefits of IP Camera Systems

IP Camera Systems provide many advantages that make them economically beneficial.

Economic Benefits of IP Camera Systems
Economic Benefits of IP Camera Systems

Surveillance cameras offer several economic benefits across various industries and applications. The benefits include improved safety, loss prevention, reduced liability costs, increased operational efficiency, improved productivity, and off-site monitoring.

This article provides some of the key economic advantages of IP Camera Systems:

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IP Intercoms for Controlling the Door

IP Intercoms Are Used for Visitor Control

Intercoms for Door Control
Intercoms for Door Control

With all the scary news about disturbed people entering organizations, we have been tasked to improve security. IP Intercoms can make this job more manageable. We use door access control to allow entry of the people we know, but intercoms are essential for monitoring visitors. IP camera systems increase the security at the doors by enabling the security person to see who is at the door. All these systems work together to create a more secure environment.

This article focuses on how IP intercoms are used to handle visitors.

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Technology Review of 2021

A Year of Challenges

Technology Review 2021
Technology Review 2021

Even during the pandemic, some companies were busy creating new technology. New IP cameras included advanced intelligence that improved camera performance, enhanced object detection and notified the user about alarm conditions. Access control systems improved their software and provided cloud as well as on-site management software. IP intercoms enhanced the “if-then” selections that provided automatic responses to security situations.

This article reviews the technology of 2021. 

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Technology in Our Changed World

The Pandemic’s Industrial Revolution  – Predictions for our New World

Future of Technology
Future of Technology

Things have changed. This past year made it plain that we live in a transformed world where climate change and Pandemics will be part of our lives for the foreseeable future. The paradigm shift in the way we think about where and how we work is only one example of the changes.

We have discovered that Access control, IP camera systems, intercoms, and IP paging systems are essential technologies that can make a difference in our changing world.

This article discusses what new technology will be important in the future.

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Multi-Tenant Visitor Access Control Intercom

How to Improve Security in Large Organizations

Multi-tenant Intercom
Multi-tenant Intercom

Monitoring visitors in large organizations is a continuing challenge. The pandemic of 2021 increased our need to improve entry control to multi-tenant buildings and apartment houses. Not only do we want to know who would like to enter, but we also want to know if they are healthy. Learn more about Apartment Intercoms… 

This article describes how the multi-tenant wireless intercom works.

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Face Recognition and other Technologies for Disease Mitigation

Review of the Technologies that Help in a Pandemic

Face Recognition and Other Technologies
Face Recognition and Other Technologies

So is face recognition good or bad? Does it invade our privacy, or does it make us more secure?  Facial recognition has had a difficult time in the market.  When it was first introduced, it was a promising technology, but it was costly. Over the last few years, the price has become more reasonable, yet this biometric technology faced many challenges. There were concerns of reliability, and more recently, it was attacked for impinging on our privacy. 

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How Technology Helps Hospitals

How IP Camera Systems and Door Access Help With Infectious Disease Control

Hospitals and Technology
Hospitals and Technology

The current health crisis has placed a significant strain on all hospital resources. Besides the problem of medical supplies and protective equipment, they have been struggling with finding rooms for all the new infectious patients. The hospitals have been creating inventive solutions to meet these challenges.

IP surveillance, intercoms, and door access control have been used to control how people move through all areas of hospitals. This article describes how technology is being used to help hospitals and other healthcare organizations meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Keep Calm and Plan Ahead

Despite the challenges caused by COVID-19, Kintronics continues to respond to all the needs of our customers. Most of our staff are working remotely to ensure that we continue to provide the best information, advice, and IP security products. In light of this situation, we offer some suggestions that may make this all a bit easier.

Take a Deep Breath

The tension caused by challenging times can cause many health problems. I know that my lower back has been hurting for the last few weeks. Tension! According to some people, anxiety is more dangerous than a virus. I don’t know if this is true or not, but we certainly need to relax.  Let’s take a deep breath. Focus on your breathing. As you slowly breathe in and out, try to relax those tense muscles. Things will get better. It just takes time.

In a message from Nathan O. Hatch from Wake Forest University, “We at Wake Forest all have seen our day-to-day reality turned topsy-turvy. The normal patterns of life have been rudely upended as we face the reality of COVID-19 and its implications for our own health and that of our families and communities.”

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Panic Buttons and Other Security Systems for Schools

Active Shooter Emergencies

Active shooter situations have become a significant security issue. Many articles have been written about this. Solutions range from increased technology, active shooter drills in schools, and of course, gun control.  Ann Hampton Callaway even wrote a song, Thoughts and Prayers.

A recent article, Active Shooter Drills May Not Stop A School Shooting — But This Method Could, was published November 27, 2019, in NPR news. It discussed the issues with active shooter drills. The article suggested that it was much better to provide threat assessment as a proactive approach to safety in schools. The objective would be to “identify students who are doing concerning behavior or may be in distress and getting them the help they need before they even resort to violence as an option.”

As a technology company, all we can do is suggest technology that can be used to prevent, control, and manage active shooter situations.

Safety and Security in Schools
Safety and Security in Schools

Security devices such as IP cameras, paging systems, metal detectors, door access control, and panic buttons can be used to help control emergency situations. This article provides a summary of the safety and security systems.

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History of Kintronics

Kintronics is Forty!

Kintronics was founded May, 1977.  The Kintronics history is one of change.  Over the years, we constantly reinvented ourselves to assure that we were providing the right technology products to the market.

About Kintronics concept
Kintronics Security Technology

In the beginning, we were a small regional distributor providing electronic components such as relays, power supplies, and monitors. In 1989 we hired a more technical staff, and our business model changed.  We started selling complete systems such as CD-ROM drives and CD-recorders to schools and libraries. We provided a high level of technical support, and service. As technology changed, so did the products we offered. The CD-ROM drives became network attached CD-ROM servers, and in 1990 we added optical disc libraries from Panasonic that automated archiving of computer data.

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