Digital Doorman on Duty


One of the draws of the luxury apartment buildings on New York’s Park and Fifth Avenues has been the access control provided by uniformed doormen; trusted employees who know every resident by sight and can be counted on to screen all visitors and grant them access only after announcing them and gaining permission over the apartment’s intercom.

The cost for such security: co-op and condo prices that reach into the two-digit millions. But there’s an alternative for those of us who cannot afford to live in such luxury –  a digital doorman.

The Digital Doorman and Face Recognition

What does he do?

Much like the human variety, if you’re on his list of authorized persons, the digital doorman will recognize you as you approach and open the door for you.

What does he look like?

The Digital Doorman is an all-in-one In Motion Identification (IMID) access control solution. Its components include

What is In Motion Identification?

IMID is an identity-based access control system. It is built on the latest biometric recognition technology, incorporating facial recognition with behavioral characteristics analysis.

Facial Recognition Technology is a non-intrusive method of instant recognition based on a mathematical code that describes a human face. It writes the code by measuring the distance between twenty different nodal points located in the area between the temples and the lips.

walking through door

Behavioral Characteristics Analysis is the latest and most sophisticated method of identity recognition. Its basis is the detection of the repetitive motion each person employs when entering the building. After the initial filming, a self-learning algorithm updates and refines each tenant’s full-body movement profile each time he or she enters the building.

Once the initial analysis has been completed and the tenant is entered into the system all she has to do is walk toward the IP camera mounted at the building entrance and the Digital Doorman will seamlessly identify her and unlock the door. With IMID, she has no need for keys or an entry pad and no need for the obligatory exchanging of pleasantries with the doorman if she is not in the mood for pleasantries.

Visitor Management

Unauthorized persons trying to enter will not only be denied entry, but their image will also be recorded and logged into the system along with the time of the attempted entry. it will also send an alert of the event to designated persons. It can also detect if a second person is trying to enter on the heels of an authorized visitor.

QR code on mobile phone

Visitors use the intercom or their phone to alert the tenant of their arrival. She can then use her smartphone to control the system and grant them access. If she is expecting a guest or having a party, she can email a V-code, a unique QR code, to each visitor which they can either print out or display on their smartphones. Upon arrival, they need only show it to the camera to gain entrance.

Data Collection

Just because there is no visitor log to sign doesn’t mean the Digital Doorman isn’t keeping track of entries. The IMID Digital Doorman software logs all entries and incidents, providing data for employee attendance reports, visitor records, unauthorized or restricted person entry reports, as well as traffic and hourly usage reports.

And one more thing – with the holiday season fast approaching, unlike a flesh and blood doorman, you don’t have to give him a year-end gift.

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