IP Camera Systems With AI Protect People

AI-Enhanced Camera Systems Improve Safety and Security

AI Enhanced Camera Systems
AI Enhanced Camera Systems

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhances IP Camera Systems to improve safety and security. AI systems are defined as those that can learn from experience. Physical crises are automatically detected and provide alarms that prevent threats from becoming critical. This technology offers a paradigm change in the usage of IP Camera Systems.

This article describes how the latest Scy-AI software can detect objects like guns in a person’s hand or a criminal in a crowd, intrusion into a perimeter, detect and count vehicles, enhance safety in parking areas, and recognize behavior anomalies.

Scy-AI software is enhanced with Artificial Intelligence to analyze data coming from stationary and portable cameras. It then processes the acquired data to generate meaningful information about the activity contained in the video stream. Matching the data results through the decision-making algorithm, Scy-AI identifies the suspect through facial recognition and potential threats posed by a suspect’s actions or vehicle in the video feed. Finally, Scy-AI analyzes the collected data and distributes alerts to law enforcement response units through the web and mobile channels with information about the threat, location, and the suspect’s identity.

Here are some of the things this software is capable of providing:

Gun Detection Provided by AI-Enhanced IP Cameras

Gun violence in the United States remains a significant problem. When politics prevents solutions, technology can help. There are IP Cameras that can detect a gunshot, but is this too late? The latest AI software looks for a person carrying a gun. It sees the threat before the shot is fired.

The software can differentiate between several weapons, including a handgun, assault rifle, and shotgun.

Human surveillance of video feeds can miss the threat. Studies have shown that after about 22 minutes of viewing,  95% of activity is overlooked. Adding AI-enhanced camera systems to security dramatically improves the detection of dangerous objects and situations.

Gun Detection Software
Gun Detection Software

The software provides global detection and identification of threats. The tracking and search algorithm in the AI software automatically checks all the cameras when a threat is detected. For example, If a gun is seen, the system searches for armed humans on all other indoor cameras connected to the Scy-AI IP Camera System. Any person sighted is highlighted on an indoor map across the entire video feed timeline, and an alert is sent to operational units.

Detection While IP Cameras are on the Move

Due to indifference towards moving backgrounds, different Scy-AI modules can analyze video feeds from moving cameras, such as UAV-mounted or body-worn. In such implementations, AIenhanced camera systems help monitor and apprehend criminals. Scy-AI drones with AI-enhanced cameras can augment security teams in mobile suspect chase operations. Finally, to help prevent acts of terrorism, Scy-AI tracks movements and identifies rogue activities and individuals. It can detect the use of suspicious items, such as different weapon types, track and alert cargo movements, spot unattended bags, etc. It also supports tracking and localization of humans based on their appearance/outfit over time.

Vehicle Detection, Counting, and Parking Area Monitoring

This capability solves smart traffic-relevant problems, such as intelligent parking management, traffic counting, traffic rule violations, etc.

Car counting uses proprietary state-of-the-art tracking algorithms to count cars (as well as people) passing a specific pathway; each vehicle is tracked, and the paths are analyzed. It allows Scy-AI to inspect and provide reports on:

  • Car counting (per lane, per vehicle type)
  • Flow density information
  • Traffic rule violation
  • Traffic jam detection
  • Car flow heatmaps, etc.
Vehicle Counting
Vehicle Counting

Person Search and Recognition

Several face recognition systems are available for door access control and to find a person in the wild. The new AI-enhanced software provides higher accuracy than previous systems. The Scy-AI Person Search System automatically finds a particular person(s). The system detects the person of Interest (POI) based on their appearance and clothing. Since this is an AI-enhanced program, it is capable of improving its accuracy by utilizing several modules and algorithms.

The system works with IP cameras that provide at least 50 vertical pixels across a person of interest.

Human Behavior Detection

One of the most complex problems is to detect human anomalies automatically.  

Once an anomaly event has been recognized based on a set of video frames, Scy-AI sends alerts to all assigned endpoints. These include the main dashboard and the mobile devices in possession of Security Officers in the field and on-premises under surveillance by the software.

The Scy-AI software recognizesindividual and group behavior. Individual behavior includes Slip and Fall and Shoplifting. Group behavior involves fights and crowd anomalies.  

Fight Detection

The fight detection system is trained on a large dataset of violent events recorded on surveillance cameras. Acy-AI can detect a wide range of aggressive behaviors, including:

  • Fights
  • Abuse
  • Arrest
  • Assault
  • Vandalism

Slip and Fall Detection

The system is designed to catch the exact moment a person falls on the ground. If it just sees a person lying on the ground. Most of the time, alerts won’t be triggered unless a fallen person is not standing up rapidly after a fall.

This same function can be used to detect criminal behavior, such as a person stealing a catalytic convert. The software has been used in parking areas to reduce theft.

Fall Detection
Fall Detection

AI-Enhanced IP Camera System Upgrades are Easy

The AI software utilizes the existing camera system to provide automated responses to threats and improve situational awareness. They work with Hanwha, Axis, and other IP cameras.

How to Purchase

To purchase this software go to AI-Enhanced IP Camera Systems.

Summary of AI-Enhanced Camera Systems That Improve Safety and Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhances IP Camera Systems by improving safety and security. These AI systems are designed to learn from experience and automatically detect and prevent physical crises, providing early alarms to mitigate threats effectively. The latest Scy-AI software is capable of detecting various objects and behaviors, including guns, intrusions, vehicle counting, parking area monitoring, person search and recognition, and human behavior anomalies.

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