Author: Bob Mesnik

Detecting Threats using AI and IP Camera Systems

IP Camera Software with Enhanced Narrow Artificial Intelligence

AI and IP Camera Systems
AI and IP Camera Systems

Today we face increased gun violence that threatens our schools, places of worship, businesses, and government offices. But what if we could detect tragedies before they happen? The latest AI software can be used in IP video surveillance systems to automatically detect anomalies, suspicious activities, or objects of interest, enhancing security and enabling faster response to potential threats. It helps to stop violent actions before they happen.

This article describes how the latest  AI software can help increase safety by analyzing many threats, such as detecting a person with a gun entering your facility.

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What are Biometric Palm Readers

Palm Readers for Door Entry Control

Palm Readers for Door Control
Palm Readers for Door Control

Do you want your palm read? I’m not talking about palmistry which has been around for thousands of years, but the more recent biometric palm reading that can identify a person. Interestingly, both techniques read the lines of your hand. One predicts your fortune the other opens the door. Palm readers are excellent for contactless door entry control.

This article describes how biometric Palm and Face Readers work in Door Access Control Systems.

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Long-Range PTZ Cameras With Drone Deterrents

Long-Range PTZ Cameras and Counter-Drone Measures

Long-Range PTZ Cameras with Anti-Drone Systems
Long-Range PTZ Cameras with Anti-Drone Systems

The rise of drones as a weapon has resulted in an increased demand for effective countermeasures. Drones can be used for illegal activities, such as smuggling or spying. They can also be used to carry out attacks or disrupt critical infrastructure.

Overall, drones can be a valuable tool in many contexts, but it is essential to consider the potential risks and take steps to mitigate them.

This article describes how enhanced long-range PTZ camera systems can protect us from drones.

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What are Door Access Control Credentials

The Pros and Cons of Credentials used in Door Access Control

Door Access Control Credentials
Door Access Control Credentials

Door Access Control has come a long way, from the wooden lock and key used over 6,000 years ago to the latest biometric and mobile credentials. The advancement in access control has provided increased door security and safety.

This article summarizes the credentials used in today’s door access control systems.

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What IP Camera Specifications are Important

The Application Determines what Specifications are Important

IP Camera Specifications
IP Camera Specifications

Do you want to purchase an IP camera that does what you expect? What is the best camera for your IP Camera System? The first thing to do is set your objectives. The second thing is to look at the specifications. The specifications help you match the IP camera to your goals for a specific surveillance location.

This article explains what camera specifications are valuable for different applications.

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Technical Jokes and Cartoons Jokes – 99

Three musicians are killed in an automobile accident. They arrive together at the pearly gates, where they are greeted by Saint Peter.

“Hello,” says Saint Peter. “I suppose you’d like to get into Heaven!”
“Yes, we would,” says the first musician, a band director.
“Well, there’s just a little test you have to take. Nothing too difficult. Related to your earthly profession,” says Saint Peter.
“OK,” says the band director, “I’m ready.”
“How do you tune your band?” asks Saint Peter.

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