IP Surveillance Camera Systems Can Play a Non-security Role in Retail

IP surveillance camera systems

At the end of any day, retail businesses equipped with IP camera security systems are sitting on a valuable cache of high resolution video.  Conventional thinking would hold with its being stored for a set period of time, and if no forensic need arises, being deleted.

However, forward thinking  management recognizes its value in optimizing a store’s bottom line performance.

heat mapping

In this age of big data, the retail sector, like so many other verticals, is finding value in leveraging video technology with other data-collecting technology.

Many stores are empowering their IP camera surveillance systems with real-time analytic applications like traffic counting, heat mapping,  and queue management to manage day-to-day operations, while others are looking at dwell time to analyze customer behavior.

dwell time

Dwell time tells them how long a particular customer stands in front of an item before selecting it for purchase, or in the opposite instance, moving on to another product or aisle.

Integrating  this data with Point of Sale (POS) transactions, helps retailers manage what to stock on their shelves (and where) to enhance the customer’s shopping experience and drive up sales.

shopping bags

Make do doubt about it, the retail sector primarily relies on IP camera systems to monitor their stores in the interest of customer and asset protection, but more and more businesses are also looking to them for aid in making decisions that can give them a competitive advantage a bit further down the road, ultimately leading to an improved bottom line.

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