CD Towers and DVD Towers Specifications

CD-ROM Tower/Servers have been discontinued.  If you need a CD DVD ROM type server, take a look at PrimeArray Systems.   They still manufacture these systems.

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For information purposes only:  These systems consisted of a bunch of SCSI or IDE CD/DVD-ROM drives connected to a computer or network. They could also contain hard drives, CD-R or DVD-R drives. Take a look at the Selection chart and specifications below.

CD and DVD Towers are no longer available from Kintronics


We have discontinued the CD-ROM Tower/Servers.  If you need a CD DVD ROM type server, take a look at PrimeArray Systems.  They still manufacture these systems.

We used to sell the CD tower and rack systems, but this is no longer available.

Most of the information that was stored on CD and DVD discs are now stored on hard drives or is available from Internet sources.  The Cloud has replaced these storage devices.

Each of the following systems provides unique functionality to meet your specific requirements. For example, you can select a system that contains CD/ DVD-ROM readers, a CD or DVD-Recorder and shareable RAID hard drives. You just specify the configuration, and we will build it.

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The folowing CD-ROM Towers and Servers are no longer available

  • Axis CD-ROM and DVD-ROM server are no longer available.  They used to attach towers or racks with CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives directly to your Ethernet or Token Ring network. This is a very flexible, multiprotocol unit for Windows NT, Novell or UNIX networks. Add the suffix -NetServ for this option. One of our more popular models: CDR N8740X-NetServ, contains 7 40X drives in an 8-bay cabinet and includes a built-in 10/100Base Axis StorpointCD server. This is a plug and play system for your ethernet network. No software is required on your network server or workstations.
  • Turbo CD-ROM and DVD-ROM server is no longer available.  It provided hard disk caching of the CD or DVD Titles and attached the tower or rack directly to your Ethernet or Token Ring network.
  • SuperTurbo system is no longer available.  It was a very high performance system that supported thousands of discs and provided streaming Audio and Video capability.
  • SmartCD is no longer available.  is a high-performance software solution that can attach towers to a Windows NT or 2000 server or workstation, or UNIX servers. The latest version includes hard disk mirroring of CD titles for high performance. Add the suffix -NSoft for the package that connects a tower to a Windows NT server.
  • Computer Attached SCSI CD/DVD Towers are no longer available. This was one of the first technologies for sharing discs
  • DiscPort and DiscZerver from Microtest have been discontinued. .

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