Axis IP Box Cameras

Axis Box IP Cameras

You can select from a variety of economical or high-performance Box IP network-attached cameras. Box cameras are designed for flexibility and can be used in many different applications. The cameras come with a lens, but it can be changed for specific viewing requirements. Many of these IP cameras are powered using PoE making them easy to install.

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Select the economical M10 series with a fixed lens for economical indoor applications, the M11 series when you need more flexibility, the P13 series for high quality indoor and outdoor performance, and the Q17 family for challenging lighting conditions.

Remember that the cameras are just one part of the surveillance and security system. You also need video management software to record your video, the right lens, computer, and enclosures. Contact us and we will make sure you have everything you need.  To help you select the right camera take a look at our IP camera comparison chart.

M10 Series of Cameras

Axis M10 Camera

The M10 series is economical small indoor IP cameras. These small and economical cameras include fixed wide-angle lenses, so they have to be positioned to view the area you want to see. Some models support wireless connections, while others include built-in mics and speakers so you can actually talk to anyone you see.

These cameras have fixed lenses so are best used to view doorways and small rooms. You can select from a number of models shown below.

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M10 IP Camera Specification




2-MP, 1920 x 1080Lens: 2.8mm fixed


Color: 0.25 lux at 50 IRE F2.0

IR Illuminator



PoE, Mic/speaker

2-MP, 1920 x 1080Lens: 2.8mm fixed, 110-degree
0.25 lux at 50 IRE F2.4IR Illuminator


Wireless, Mic/speaker

2-MP, 1920 x 1080Lens: 2.8 mm


Color: 0.25 lux at 50 IRE F2.0

IR Illuminator


Models discontinued include M1004-W, M1013, M1033-W, M1034-W, and M1054.

Pricing changes frequently so it is best to contact us for a quote. We will also help you with video recording systems and everything else you need for your complete IP camera system.

M11-Series of Axis IP Cameras

The M11 series of IP cameras are cost-effective box cameras. They all come with lenses and most can be changed to fit specific applications, except for the M1114-L which has a special variable lens. It also includes a small IR illuminator.

Axis box camera

You can select 800 x 600 resolution or 1280 x 800. Since they have limited low light sensitivity they are designed for indoor or outdoor applications where there is good lighting.

The cameras are small and include a wall mount bracket. The following comparison chart provides more details about the cameras available. You can also select the model numbers for more information.

M11 Series IP Camera Specifications



M1124E (outdoor)

1.3-MP, 1280×720Lens: DC-iris, 3–10.5 mm
Horizontal field of view: 91°–32Color: 0.25 lux at 50 IRE F2.0, B/W: 0.05 lux F1.4


M1125E (outdoor)

2-MP, 1920 x 1080DC-iris, 3–10.5 mm
Horizontal field of view: 91°–32°
2 lux at 50 IRE F2.4
M1145-L2-MP, 1920 x 10803-10.5 mm, F1.4
Horizontal field of view: 95°-34°
0.4 lux at 50 IRE F2.4

P13 Series IP Cameras

Axis IP Camera

The P13 series IP box cameras are high-performance cameras with very good low light sensitivity. There is a choice of resolution from 800 x 600 to the 5-megapixels 2592 x 1944 model. The 2 Mpixel and 5 Mpixel cameras include p-iris lenses that improve image clarity and depth of field at high and low light levels. They all include onboard storage slots and provide two-way audio that makes them a good choice for applications that require intercoms. Take a look at our comparison chart which compares the M11 series, P13, and Q16 and Q17 series.

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P13 Series IP Camera Specifications

P1364 (Indoor)


P1364-E (Outdoor)

1.3-MP, 1280×960Varifocal 2.8–8.5 mm, F1.2
Horizontal field of view: 92.3°–33.3°Color: 0.1 lux, at 50 IRE
B/W: 0.01 lux, at 50 IRE F1.2
P1365 Mk II


P1365-E Mk II (Outdoor)

2-MP, 1920×1080Varifocal 2.8–8 mm, F1.3
Horizontal field of view: 112°–39°
Color: 0.11 lux
B/W: 0.01 lux, at 50 IRE F1.3


P1367-E (Outdoor)

5-MP, 3072×1728Varifocal 2.8–8.5 mm, F1.2
Horizontal field of view: 104°–36°Color: 0.15 lux
B/W: 0.03 lux, at 50 IRE F1.2
P1368-E8-MP (3840×2160 )Varifocal 2.8–8.5 mm, F1.2,
Horizontal field of view: 72°–45°Color: 0.16 lux
B/W: 0.03 lux, at 50 IRE F1.3


P-1375-E (Outdoor)

2-MP, 1920×1080Varifocal 2.8–8.5 mm, F1.2
Horizontal field of view: 72°–45°Color: 0.05 lux, at 50 IRE F1.2
B/W: 0.01 lux, at 50 IRE F1.2


Fully-featured, all-around 4K surveillance bullet camera

Resolution8-Megapixe, 3840 x 2160
Illumination0.18 lux color, 0.04 BW
Lens2.8–9.8 mm, 109 ̊ – 37 ̊ Horizontal Angle
IR illumination25 m (82 ft)

Q16 Series IP Cameras

The Q16 series IP box cameras provide very good low light sensitivity and wide dynamic range (WDR). There are two choices of resolution: 768 x 576 and the 1 megapixel 1280 x 960 model.

Q16 IP Camera

These cameras are a good choice when the lighting is challenging. It will operate at very low light levels or when there is a wide difference in lighting. There are indoor and outdoor models available.

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Q17 Series of Cameras

The Q17 series are high-performance IP cameras with 10 X zoom lenses. They can be used in a number of applications where you would like to zoom in on a fixed area of the viewing field. The zoom allows you to dynamically and remotely change the field of view depending on what you need to see.

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Technical Support

IP camera systems can be complex because they include many different components that have to work together. Kintronics is a resource for engineering and integration of all your security projects. We can design your complete system so don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

After purchasing your system we make sure that it works exactly the way you expect. You can contact us for help with your installation and any technical support you may need.

We provide technical support and warranty support. Contact us at 1-800-431-1658 in the USA, or 914-944-3425 everywhere else, whenever you need assistance.