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Anchor MegaVox Pro Portable Public Address System

Anchor MegaVox Pro Portable Public Address System

The amazing MegaVox handles crowds of over 1,000 people. Great for outdoor use – with power to cover a baseball field.
Power output of 40 watts (in AC mode) delivers 126 dB of clear sound. AC/DC operation. Plug it into 110/220 Volt AC or run for 6 to 10 hours on the internal rechargeable battery.

Quality sound and with operating range of 400 Hz to 10 KHz make the MegaVox ideal for outdoor gatherings of all kinds.

Includes separate volume controls and input jacks for 2 corded microphones.

Anchor MegaVox Pro Portable Public Address System


Includes wired mic and Built-in rechargeable battery. AC or DC operation. Ship weight 18 lbs.

Coach using Public Address System

Mega-BP Basic Package (Mega-7500U1)

Includes Megavox Pro with built-in wireless receiver (Mega-6000U1), heavy duty speaker stand (SS-550 and choice of wireless Microphone: Handheld wireless microphone (WH-6000) or Bodypack transmitter (WB-6000) and Headband mic (HBM-60). Please specify the type of wireless mic you would like when ordering. Shipping weight 30 lbs.



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