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These Products Have Been Discontinued

Sorry, we no longer provide these systems. Kintronics provides the latest technology that can improve your safety and security. Our product line changes as new technology become available. Please take a look at the other network-attached security systems we have available. These include IP camera systemsdoor access control systems, and network-attached paging systems.

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Anchor PA and Sound Systems from Kintronics

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Anchor PA and Sound System Model

The Anchor public address and sound systems provide excellent sound, durable, lightweight construction and the convenience of portable operation.

Anchor is the leader in crystal clear portable sound.  They provide a wide selection of portable paging systems that include wireless microphones, speaker stands, and many other accessories.

Select from a wide variety of PA systems that are right for you. Whether you are an entertainer, educator, police, firefighter or have a corporate meeting that needs more sound, Anchor has the system that’s right for you.

You will notice that there are different classifications of Anchor products. All the systems are portable and some have wireless microphones. There are groups of products that can be used for different applications.

Public Address Systems are designed for emergencies. These PA systems are easily carried, operate using battery power, and provide high sound levels to operate in noisy areas.

Speaker Monitors are used in smaller environments and a great for classrooms and conference rooms. These are really small sound systems that provide excellent sound range. The AN-1000X is great for both voice and music.

There are more sound systems including intercoms and conference room systems. Here is a summary of the sound systems available.


Sound Systems

These Anchor Sound Systems provide high-quality sound for voice and music applications. These Public Address systems include many options including wireless microphones, AC or battery operation. The Beacon and Liberty include an option for a built-in MP3 player or CD player, a USB port to charge your iPod or MP3 player, and up to 2 built-in UHF wireless receivers.

When you need to provide sound at large outdoor or indoor environments such as sporting events, graduations, or auditoriums select the Beacon with a line array sound system.

Here’s a summary of the models available:

ModelCrowd Size
GoGetterUp to 500
ExplorerUp to 500
LibertyUp to 1500
BeaconUp to 2500

Public Address Systems

The Anchor Public Address systems are designed for emergencies. They feature small, battery-powered, sound units that can provide enough sound to be heard over the loudest environments.

Take a look at the RescueMAN that includes recordable messages that can repeat. The Little Big Horn directs sound exactly where you need it, and the MegaVox that provides 119 dB of clear sound.


Speaker Monitors for Voice

Anchor carries 5 Speaker Monitors that will accommodate any application where you need extra sound. These amplified speaker systems are excellent for medium size rooms.

The AN-MINI is a small, battery-operated speaker, and the AN-130+ and AN-135+ are lightweight, powered speakers. They are all popular in classrooms and board rooms as installs, but can also come with a stand or be placed on a shelf.

The AN-130+ and the AN-135+ are similar except the AN-130+ adds the option for a wireless microphone.

The AN-1000X+ is a more powerful version of the AN-135, with 107 dB of sound output it can reach crowds of over 250 people. It is the most versatile powered speaker monitor on the market. You can add it to an A/V rack setup, use it as a studio monitor, install it in a trade show booth, or place it in the Captain’s quarters on a US Navy warship to monitor activities in the intelligence room.


Conference Room Sound System

Anchor provides specialized sound systems for the conference room.  When you have a large conference, where it’s difficult to hear everyone, you can this specialized sound system. Multiple microphones amplify the sound so that everyone in the room can hear every speaker.

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Resources for Public Address Systems

The following resources can be used to help you understand the technology. Contact us for help with your system. Our engineers will make sure you get the exact system you need.

Technical and Application Articles

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Our technical blog provides up to date technical insights about the technology. Or, for a different slant on the technology, take a look at Virginia’s blog. Virginia makes it easy to understand the technology.

Technical Videos

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Technical Support

A portable PA system should be selected according to your application. We can help you select the right system so don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

After purchasing your system we make sure that it works exactly the way you expect. You can contact us for help with your installation and any technical support you may need.

We provide technical support and warranty support. Contact us at 1-800-431-1658 or 914-944-3425 whenever you need assistance.

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