Portable Public Address and PA Systems

Sorry, these products have been discontinued.

Our product line changes as new technology become available. Kintronics provides the latest technology that can improve your safety and security. Please take a look at the other network attached security systems we have available. These include IP camera systemsdoor access control systems, and network attached paging systems.

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High Performance PA System


Lectern and Console systems as well as portable PA systems with wireless microphones. These systems are designed more for just voice applications. They are more economical than some of the other brands.


High Performance PA System

Anchor Audio

High performance means that you can hear the difference in quality especially when you are using the sound system for music. These systems come with wireless microphones and are used for both music and voice with crowd sizes of up to 5,000

High Performance PA System


Fender is known for their excellent sound. They are known by musicians all over the world and their systems provide excellent amplification of music.


High Performance PA System


Califone provides light weight portable PA Systems. These models are small and light and provide good voice amplification when you have small groups




Make Sure you get what you need. Here are answers to the questions you should be askingQ Can I get an extra wireless microphone with my basic package PA system?.A. Yes. You need to add both the wireless microphone and the wireless receiver. Each microphone you add needs its own receiver.Q. We’ll be having a question and answer session at our meeting and need one microphone in the audience and one up on the stage.A. In that case, the best thing to do is purchase a dual package PA system with two receivers.

Q. Can I add more than two microphones?

A. Yes, you can add wired mics and wireless microphones. You just have to be careful to not run out of available wireless frequencies. Each microphone needs its own frequency to prevent interference.

Need more help? Just give us a call and ask about our PA systems from Anchor and Amplivox. They both offer PA systems with two built-in receivers. We can be reached at 800-431-1658 or 914-944-3425 or contact us

Please check the latest technology for enhancing and upgrading your network and computer systems: Real Time Live Audio Recording to Disc CD DVD Server, CD DVD and Blu-ray Jukeboxes and libraries , Presentation Technology, Network Attached IP camera systems, Campus-wide PA Systems and more.

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