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Small portable PA system
Portable PA


Portable AC Powered PA System


Portable Battery Powered PA System


Portable iPOD Ready PA System


Model PA319+UHF

The PA319+UHF is the first completely portable PA system that provides flexibility and power. It can be used as a single, portable setup for on the go presentations or installed in multiple classrooms. The latest PA319 replaces the PA300. This is an AC powered PA System. (see the PA150 for battery powered system)

Wireless PA319 System

Multi-use portability for classrooms, auditoriums, meeting room installations, outdoor playground activities and athletic events with built-in handle

Accepts one wireless and two wired mics for multiple presenters at the same time

Connects with LCD projectors, whiteboards, multimedia players, computers or microphones through two inputs for professional sounding presentations

Line output to additional wired speakers for larger presentations
Green, Red, Amber LED lights on front give visual confirmation of power, signal and reception

Rugged brass sunburst teeth for worry-free mounting and guarantees speaker position will not slip

Shared wireless mics with PowerPro eliminates dedicated mic equipment used for separate PA systems

Additional wireless coverage by setting any number of PA319+UHF and PA-919 speakers to same frequency

Wireless PA319 System Packages

Packages Include:

Wireless PA319 System Packages

Wireless Presentation Pro+UHF
Choice of the following:
Wireless handheld mic
Choice of 3 different hands-free mics
Portable Tripod with bag and Mounting Bracket
Infrared Mute/Volume Control for remote operation
See specification

PA319-PQHandheld Q-319
wireless microphone
PA319-PLBelt pack transmitter with
UHF lapel mic
PA319-PCBelt pack transmitter w/
flexible UHF neck mic
PA319-PHBelt pack transmitter with
UHF headset mic
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Power Output:
watts RMS
Hz – 20 kHz ± 3dB
inputs (2):Hi-Z, RCA(summing L+R)
mic:Hi or lo-Z,with
phantom power (+15 volts D.C.)
mic: Lo –Z, 1/4”-phone
Hi-Z Mono 1/4”-phone
Power Requirements:
110 – 125 VAC, 50/60 Hz or
208 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
pounds, shipping weight 14 lbs.
x 10” x 8-1/2”
UHF Receiver Specifications
Channels:16 Selectable
Warranty6 years from date of purchase
(PAonly, all other parts one year)

Califone PA10 Portable Public Address System

The portability and versatility of a wireless PA system are built into the PA Pro (PA10). Powerful enough to handle indoor and outdoor uses. it is perfect for school yards, tour groups, meetings and can be a potential life saver in emergencies where crowd control and communication can make the critical difference.

  • For lecture halls, indoor / outdoor activities, meetings, conferences, field trips & tour groups up to 150 people
  • Wireless delivery is practical during emergency situations
  • Convenient transmitter and mic storage space
  • inside 10 Watt amplifier prevents accidental loss
  • Internal rechargeable battery for savings

PA Package PA10-1

Wireless PA319 System Packages

Package includes PA Pro, handheld wireless mic and carry case


Portable Public Address System
Portable PA System

Includes PA10 with belt pack and clip on microphone

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800-431-1658 or 914-944-3425

PA10 Specifications

Power Output:
10 Watts RMS, 12 Watts Peak
Speaker:4.25” diameter, 15W @ 4 Ohms
Inputs:3.5mm mic jack
Battery Run Time6 hours @ 50% duty cycle
Battery Recharge Time8 hours with included wall adapter
AC Power Requirements:AC: 120V, 15-18VOutput, wall adapter
DC: 12VDC 1.2 amp/hour
Weight:5 lbs., without batteries
shipping weight 7 lbs.
Dimensions (HWD):7.1”W x 4”D x 9.8”H
UHF Receiver Specifications
Frequency:Model PA-10a 206.400 MHz
Model PA-10b 210.250 MHz
Warranty1 year from date of purchase

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