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TruViewLPR License Plate Recognition

Complete Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) applications are sometimes called license plate recognition (LPR) or even automated vehicle identification (AVI), but they all do the same thing.  These systems translate the video image into digital data that can be stored or compared to a database.

Applications include Vehicle Identification Alerts that let you know when a targeted license has been detected, Gate Access control that lets you open a gate when the right license is detected or even detect toll road violations. Here are some examples.  Please contact us to discuss your application.

Access Control

Control a gate using the APLR system or use the Isonas door access control system. Now you can not only control your doors you can also control vehicle access to parking lots and interior roads.

LPR Auto Access Control Diagram
LPR Auto Access Control Diagram

Alert Notification

Monitor Traffic
Monitor Traffic

Match license plate numbers to a watch-list in less than 500msec

When you need to be notified that a vehicle of interest has been detected, you can add the Alert Notification and Management module.

  • Each alert message contains plate and vehicle images along with vehicle information
  • Alert messages can be sent to an individual or broadcast to a list of authorized recipients. of a match via email, SMS or MMS messaging
  • Alert messages can be in e-mail, SMS or MMS format

Automatic License Plate Recognition system to accurately read the license plates of passing vehicles. These reads are matched against a known list of vehicles of interest with all positive matches reported via email, SMS or MMS messaging. The system takes less than 500msec from the time a vehicle with a listed license plate is encountered to issuing the outbound alert messages. Each message contains an image of the license plate, an optional image of the scene with the vehicle present, and other pertinent data such as date, time, location and other user-supplied information in the blacklist.

LPR Alert Screen
LPR Alert Screen

System set-up only takes a few minutes to configure the system characteristics along with the list of authorized recipients of alert messages. Vehicle lists can be provided in text or standard spreadsheet formats and all imported lists are immediately activated for use by the system.

Toll Road Violations and enforcement Systems

Open road toll lanes appear to be the preferred way to keep traffic moving by eliminating the bottlenecks associated with gates and cash lanes. The reduction in air pollutants from the exhaust of queued vehicles and the lower operating costs also cannot be overlooked.

These benefits are offset by the requirement to provide accurate transaction accounting and an effective violation enforcement tool. Automatic License Plate Reading has proven to be the right solution for those requirements. To be truly effective, the ALPR system needs to be able to read all plate types and at any speed anticipated in the lane.

The TruViewLPR in-lane VES solution is deployed on well over five hundred lanes worldwide and effectively protects against toll fraud at speeds up to 120 mph (200kph) in all weather conditions and at any time of day.

Toll Road
Toll Road

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