Samsung SNF-7010

The SNF-7010 is a panoramic 360° camera from the Samsung line of dome IP camera systems. With a panoramic fisheye lens and digital PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) technology, it is an ideal system for smaller, interior locations like stores and office spaces.

This IP camera system’s digital PTZ differs from conventional PTZ in that, while a conventional PTZ system shifts its focus by physically moving the camera itself, a digital PTZ captures a full panoramic image and moves your display across this image.

A drawback of this system is that your zoomed-in image is limited to the resolution of the original image, so you cannot capture fine detail on distant objects in the way you would with a conventional PTZ camera. Therefore, it is not recommended for watching large areas. However, since a digital PTZ camera system does not rely on delicate moving parts in the way that a conventional PTZ system does, it is more reliable in the face of harsh conditions and gradual wear and tear. Additionally, while a conventional PTZ camera can only capture the image of the zone it is pointed at, a panoramic camera is constantly capturing video of its complete range.

Video Quality

This camera system offers a three megapixel, 1018P HD image at 20fps with Samsung’s advanced imaging technology. It supports a variety of views, including Single and Dual Panorama, Quad view, region of interest (ROI), rectangle mode, and more. Supported by 120dB rated WDR (wide dynamic range), defog features, and digital day/night function, it can deliver a quality image under a variety of conditions.

Extras and Peripherals

The 7010 has a built-in microphone to support two-way audio and an on-board SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot for local video storage.

Protective Features

This system is equipped with a number of event notifications and alarms, including motion detection, audio detection, and anti-tampering functions that send out an alert if the camera is disconnected from the network or otherwise interfered with.