Samsung SNP-6320H

The SNP-6320H is part of the Samsung family of PTZ dome IP camera systems. As a PTZ, or pan, tilt, zoom system, it is ideally suited for monitoring a particularly large space. The camera is capable of endless, 360° rotations and a 210° tilt, allowing you to effectively monitor an area that might otherwise take several cameras to fully cover.

The 6320H model is designed for outdoor use, offering protective features that are not found in the indoor Samsung SNP 6320. It is recommended for large, exterior locations like parking lots, and outdoor sports complexes.

Intelligent Surveillance Software

Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) software in the 6320H system offers many sophisticated tools in automatically monitoring activity. Cameras can be programmed to patrol the area, focusing on unusual activity as needed. Face detection allows it to discern when there are people within the monitored area. Tripwire and enter/exit direction lets it know when someone or something passes through the perimeter. Object appear/disappear detection lets it know when there are foreign or missing objects within sight.

Video Quality

This IP camera system captures high quality color video, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and an ultra fast frame rate of 60fps. Its sophisticated light sensitivity features allow it to produce images of scenes that contain both very bright and very dark areas. Under poor weather conditions, like rain, fog, or thick smoke, the Defog feature kicks in to reduce loss of clarity. Under vibrating conditions, the Digital Image Stabilization can negate the effect on your image.

Extras and Peripherals

The camera has a built-in SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot, allowing for local video storage that can be retrieved remotely by authorized users. It can also interface with a local PA system to provide support for bi-directional audio.

Protective Features

This IP camera system is specially equipped for outdoor use, with a sophisticated anti-tampering mechanism that sends out an alert if the camera is moved without authorization or if the lens has paint sprayed over it. It also comes with a heater to combat the effects of extreme weather conditions.