CD-ROM Tower of Changers

We have discontinued the CD-ROM Tower/Servers.  If you need a CD DVD ROM type server, take a look at PrimeArray Systems.  They still manufacture these systems.

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For your reference, here is some information about the old product:


These servers were a great way to share CD-ROM or DVD-ROM discs on the network, but today most information is available either on the Web, Cloud server or local server.  CD and DVD discs for data storage are mostly obsolete.

The Tower of Changers contains a number of 5-disc SCSI CD-Changers inside a tower and provides a large number of CDs to network users. This relatively high drive to disc ratio assures that many people on the network can use the CDs without a long wait time.  The application note can help you determine if this is the right solution for you.


  • High-Performance CD Changers in a Tower
  • The latest 16X Nakamichi CD-ROM changers.
  • A totally sealed environment protects the discs.
  • Easy to install or remove drives.
  • Expand your system one drive at a time.
  • Switchable supply 115/220 volts.
  • 3 fans and filters.

Nakamichi – 16X 5-Disc CD-ROM Changer

Data Transfer Rate: 2.42 MB/sec, Avg. Access Time: 125 ms, Buffer Memory: 256 KB, SCSI-2 interface, MTBF: 50,000 hrs. Supported formats:  ISO 9660, CD-ROM XA, Kodak Photo-CD Multisession, CD-Audio.

Tower of Changers was available in the following configurations:

Description         Model Number

7 Changers and 35 Discs CDR J73516X-*

14 Changers and 70 Discs              CDR J147016X-*

28 Changers and 140 Discs           CDR J2814016X-*

56 Changers and 280 Discs           CDR J5628016X-*

*- Add the proper suffix to define the interface kit for a computer or network connections. – NetServ connects the tower to the network, – NSoft connects the tower to a computer.

You can also specify models with any number of changers installed.

Application Note

How to Select the Right CD Solution:

There are a number of ways to provide CDs to your network users. The method depends on how many CDs you want to make available and the estimated number of simultaneous users.

CD DVD Bluray Jukebox: Hold a large number of discs, available to a relatively few simultaneous users. They are excellent for archiving data, but not a good choice if you just want to read the discs. For example, the JVC MC-8000 holds up to 600 discs. It can store over 5.6 TB of data. It is not the best way to access data, since a jukebox with six drives allows only six users to access six different discs simultaneously. The next user has to wait (if they want to read a different CD). The total cost for this solution includes not only the jukebox but a software driver and interface kit for your computer. Jukeboxes are available with multi-purpose CD/DVD-recorders.

Turbo Servers: These systems are best for reading discs. They utilize Hard Drive caching of CD or DVD titles and provide a very cost-effective and high-performance solution. Turbo tower/servers contain a powerful thin server, IDE hard drives, and DVD-ROM drives, and even CD/DVD RW Recorders. They connect directly to an Ethernet 10/100 network hub. The Turbo Server provides a number of benefits including faster access time, faster data transfer rate, and lower cost per Disc title (between 10 and over 1,000 discs). The downside is that it takes time to cache or copy the CD to the hard drive. Even though the process is very easy and automatic it still takes about 2 minutes per CD to load the CDs for the first time. Turbo towers can not be connected directly to a computer or server. They only connect to the Ethernet network.

CD-ROM Tower: Holds one CD or DVD disc in each drive, and makes all the discs available to everyone at virtually the same time. This is a costlier solution than a server that uses a hard drive to hold the content of all the discs. This is an excellent solution for applications where discs are updated very frequently. CD-ROM towers connect directly to your network.

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