CD and DVD Network Connectivity

These products have been discontinued

We have discontinued the CD-ROM Tower/Servers.  If you need a CD DVD ROM type server, take a look at PrimeArray Systems.  They still manufacture these systems.

Discontinued Products: | CD-ROM Towers | CD-ROM Server | | CD-Tower of Changers

The security products we provide include: IP Surveillance Systems | IP Intercoms and Paging Systems | Door Access Control

For your reference, here is some information about the old product:

Software for CD/DVD Jukeboxes and Network Attached CD/DVD Servers.


Kintronics provides a number of ways to share CD or DVD discs on the network. We provide CD/DVD jukeboxes and libraries that connect to Window or UNIX servers using special software and high-performance CD DVD Servers that connect directly to your network.

The Turbo CD DVD servers are high-performance Thin Servers that provide hard disk caching of CD and DVD titles. They use web browsers for administration making it very easy to install. You can select servers with SATA or IDE hard drives and CD or DVD recorders.

Please take a look at all the other network-attached security products we have available.

Pentium CD-Server

The Kintronics’ Turbo CD/DVD-Servers comes complete with Pentium processor, hard drives, CD/DVD-ROM drives and Server software; all in a console that provides a complete self-contained CD/DVD-ROM solution for your network. This Server supports over 1,000 discs.

Jukebox and Library Software

Jukeboxes and libraries require special management software that connects them to a computer.

Point Software is still available and connects many different optical jukebox library systems to Windows servers. CD, DVD and Blu-ray recording is integrated to fulfill all archiving, mastering and duplication requirements. The automated recording feature (ECR) for CD-R simplifies the overall recording process dramatically. Due to its multi-threaded implementation PoINT Jukebox Manager allows multiple users to access the jukebox simultaneously and to record different data streams to different media in parallel. Disc caching to hard disk improves performance dramatically.

All these products were discontinued in 2011:

QStar software not only supports Windows servers, it also supports Sun UNIX, Linux, SGI IRIS, HP-UX, IBM AIX and many other UNIX operating systems. The CD/DVD Master product works across the network allowing both System Administrators and privileged clients to harness the power to manage more than just the standalone CD/DVD-R writer. With QStar’s CD/DVD Master product, users get the ability to manage hundreds or thousands of CD/DVDs, with ease, through an intuitive GUI and advanced management tools.

Smart Storage (now part of Legato and EMC) is discontinued.

K-Par software is one of the best software products for the UNIX and Windows environments. Not only does it make it easy to share a jukebox on the network, but it also keeps track of media that’s removed from the jukebox. This functionality allows the archive to grow infinitely so that your oldest, least accessed files can remain indexed but placed out of the jukebox to allow room for new media.