SCSI Expander from Atto

We have discontinued the SCSI expander that was used with CD-ROM Tower/Servers.

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If you need a CD DVD ROM type server, take a look at PrimeArray Systems.  They still manufacture these systems.

We used to sell CD/DVD systems, but today we focus on network-attached security systems.  Please take a look at all the other products we sell that make your world safer.

They were a great way to share CD-ROM or DVD-ROM discs on the network, but today most information is available either on the Web, Cloud server or local server.  CD and DVD discs for data storage are mostly obsolete.

Other products available include IP Surveillance Systems | IP Intercoms and Paging Systems | Door Access Control

For your reference, here is some information about the old product:

The Atto SCSI expander allows more than 7 CD-ROM drives to be attached to a SCSI adapter card. Usually, only one 7-drive tower can be attached to a SCSI interface, but the SCSI expander allows up to seven 7-drive towers to be attached to one SCSI interface. This is excellent for Macintosh computers, where SCSI output connections are limited.

The SCSI interface has a limit of 7 drives per interface, but with the SCSI expander from Atto, up to 49 drives can be attached to one SCSI interface. This means up to Seven 7-drive towers with SCSI expanders installed, can be attached to one SCSI interface. Our towers are available with or without the SCSI expander.

The Atto SCSI expander makes use of Logical Unit Numbers (LUN). Seven LUNs are available for each SCSI ID. Instead of having only seven drives per SCSI adapter card, you can now have up to 49 drives per SCSI adapter card.

The SCSI Expander is also the perfect way to add more than 6-drives to your Macintosh computer. Your hard disk takes up one of the SCSI IDs, so only 6 more drives can be added, but with the SCSI expander, you can add towers with up to 42 drives.

Do not confuse the expansion of the SCSI port, with software that provides a single drive letter for many CD-ROM drives or CD-platters.  The CD-Server software described below, not only supports the SCSI expander, but also combines drive letters into one letter.