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OnSite Door Access Control Software

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OnSite door access control software is designed for small door control systems. It is an alternative to the Isonas Pure Access On-Site Manager, and Pure Access Cloud platform. It provides some advanced features such as integration with video recording systems, pass-back control, and more.


OnSite access control software provides a simple web browser interface for managing your Isonas IP door readers.

This easy to use on-premises software provides a lot of capability.  It not only allows you to specify who is allowed in, at what door, and what time, It allows you to add pictures, and track door statistics. It can be used in enterprise applications that require a large number of users and supports many advanced features.

Easy Setup and Management


Easy management of business rules: The door control software self-configures common business-rules. It’s easy to setup components like Doors, Door Groups, and Areas which are all managed within the web interface.

Easy Reader Installation and Commissioning: Provides reader discovery and management of the Isonas IP readers.

Multiple Security Groups and Management: User groups and separate authorization allow a number of managers to control specific areas of an organization.

Multiple Platform Support: The application can be used on PC workstations as well as tablets and smartphones that support web browsers.

Advanced features include:

  • Supports virtually unlimited number of credentials, users, and doors
  • Dual-authentication allows the user to swipe plus enter a pin number for increased security
  • Elevator management and control is supported
  • Scripting allows the system to take multiple actions once a single event occurs
  • Establish schedules for door locking and unlocking
  • Supports anti-passback
  • Provides operator-controlled manual operations such as admit, unlock, lock-down, etc.
  • Integration of door access with Video Management Software using C2P
  • The system can be configured to enforce unique rules during special events (like an open house)
  • Optional Active Directory Integration
  • Door definition
  • Doors can be grouped to simplify the system’s configuration.
  • Credential (badge) can be set to expire based on date or usage

Hardware Support

OnSite supports the widest range of the Isonas IP door readers, from the very first RC01 to the latest RC04 IP readers. It also supports the IP Bridge.

System Requirements:

Hardware/Software SystemMinimumRecommended
O/SWin 7 or MS Server 2012
64 bit
Win 10 or MS Server 2012/2016
64 bit
CPU ClassIntel i5 or equivalentIntel i7 or equivalent
Free Disk Space8 GB20 GB

Design and Support Assistance

We make sure you purchase the right door access control system for your application. We know that one system doesn’t fit all; each system is designed to fit exactly what you need. We design systems that include IP cameras, network-attached paging devices, and door access control. We assure that all systems work together and meet your specific requirements.

We assure that the equipment you purchased operates as expected and that you get full use of all the components of your IP security system. We provide technical support and warranty assistance after the sale.

We are the first people you call to get help. If necessary we coordinate support from Manufacturers and software companies to assure all your problems are corrected.

We can be reached at 800-431-1658 in the USA, or at 914-944-3425 everywhere else, or use our contact form.