Technology Review 2019

The New Technology of 2019

Technology of 2019
New IP Security Technology of 2019

2019 was a year of evolution rather than revolution. Security technology evolved and became more powerful and easier to use.

IP camera manufacturers focused on enhancing their products. Access control systems became more user-friendly, added mobile capability, and made it easier to integrate with IP camera systems. Paging systems added intercoms with better full-duplex sound. Portable emergency buttons became more popular and effective.

Here are the highlights of the new products available in 2019

New IP Cameras Provide Easier Installation

IP Camera Installation Diagram

Hanwha introduced the Series-X Plus family of IP cameras that lowered the cost of installation.

They introduced a very innovative mounting scheme. The Hanwha Wisenet Series-X Plus uses a magnetic mount instead of screws to mount the camera to the bracket. 

All the cameras in the “Plus” family can use the same universal mounts. This not only reduces the installation time but also allows the camera to be easily replaced if there is a failure.

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Access Control Systems Provide Increased Capability

The Hartmann control access control system provides enterprise-level management and control of all the doors. In spite of this being a very full-featured product, it can also be used to control a single door. The benefit is that additional door access control can be added to new doors one at a time.

The door access management software provides advanced functions such as logic if-then functions, and allows you to control elevators, visitors, and integrates with IP camera systems.  We think the integration with many different IP camera systems makes this a powerful solution that increases security.

Door Access Control Concept
Door Access Control Concept

Mobile credentials have become more popular.

Credentials enabled by your smartphone provide improved security over the standard 125kHz credentials that have been very popular. The HID type card credentials can be hacked using a simple card copier. An article published by IPVM describes how a $30 card copier can read your card while it is in your pocket. The latest Bluetooth enabled door readers, such as the ones used by Hartmann Controls door access control system, including many advanced security features and modes of identification. Besides using the security provided by Bluetooth spread-spectrum communication, the system uses encryption and obfuscation methods to protect the app in the smartphone, and the data stored in the door reader. The encryption process protects data from hacking.

Intercom Systems add Full-Duplex Sound

The older intercoms were half-duplex systems that required a push-to-talk to enable a one-way transmission of your voice. The latest intercoms use full-duplex audio transmission, so you don’t need to push a button to talk. This means you can hear someone talk back to you while you are talking to them. This is similar to your telephone.

To provide full-duplex audio, the intercom technology was improved to remove audio feedback from the speaker to the microphone. This required the addition of digital signal processing (DSP) that reduced the echo.

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Personal Emergency Panic Buttons

Mobile Emergency Button
Mobile Emergency Button

Mobile panic buttons were improved in 2019. They included more flexibility and provided easy connections to your own security center or to a general security center. Either way, you are now able to get help no matter where you are in the USA or Canada.

The push of a button on the mobile panic button sends an alert through the system. The emergency notification is sent to your designated security center. The personal emergency panic button system provides a quick response to any emergency. It’s more than a medical alert system. It is a total personal emergency call button system designed to be used no matter where you are.

The button connects to your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection.

It generates a standard phone call that not only provides two-way communication, but it also provides your location and provides your personal information to the dispatch center.

Because it uses the smartphone GPS locating system, your location is accurately provided to the safety center. The location services continue until the situation is resolved to create a breadcrumb path that can help determine exactly where you are.

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The technology of 2019 Summary

Security technology improved over 2019 and enhanced products were introduced that provided more capability. IP cameras became easier to install. Access control became more secure with the addition of mobile credentials. The evolution of the personal emergency button made our life safer.

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