Best Single-Door Access Control

Single-Door Access Control Systems

The new IP access control systems connect to the network and provide the flexibility that allows you to install a single door at a time.

These new IP access control systems include the door reader and controller that is all located at the door. The electric lock is connected to the controller.

The older access control systems used a large central controller that was located in a closet. The labor to run wires from the controller to the reader, and the electric lock was high.

Today there are several ways to control a single door. There are single-door systems that use a keypad and IP door reader-controller systems that use card credentials or your smartphone for access.

This article compares the single-door access control systems that attach to the network.

Single Door Access Control

The simplest single-door access control system uses a mechanical or electric lock with a keypad. For example, Schlage provides single locks with keypads. This type of system is good for home use and is not recommended when many people will be using the door.

IP door access control systems are best for commercial applications where many people will be entering the door. This access control provides much more security and flexibility than the keypad type locks. The door reader and controller are located at the door. This minimizes the wiring required and makes installation much simpler.

What the Single-Door Access Kit Contains

The single-door access control system contains a door reader, with a built-in controller or a small separate controller, electric lock, and a set of credentials (like cards or keyfobs).

Access Control Reader

The access control reader connects to the network or through a serial connection such as a Wiegand interface to the controller.

Access Controller

The door access controller contains all the intelligence. It contains the list (or database) of all the people who use the system

Electric Lock

The electric lock is either a magnetic lock or an electric strike lock.

Credentials for Door Access

Credentials can include physical cards that we carry, a PIN number we enter, or even the physical aspect of a person (biometrics such as fingerprint or facial recognition).

Types of Single-Door Access Control Systems

All the IP door access systems connect to the network. Most of these systems use Power over Ethernet to power the door controller, reader, and lock. This configuration makes installation very simple because you usually only need to run the Ethernet cable to the door.

There are three types of access control systems that connect to the network.

  • IP Reader-Controller
  • IP Controller with slave reader
  • Biometric IP Door Reader-Controller

Isonas IP Reader-Controller Access Control

The Isonas IP access control reader-controllers can be installed at a single door or used at many doors. All the intelligence that used to be in the separate controller is now inside the one small reader-controller at the door. This access control system is very easy to install. These reader-controllers require the least amount of wiring.

Isonas Door Reader-Controller

They provide the following features.

  • No Control Panels Required. Everything is located at the door
  • The Door Access Control Management software is provided as a subscription or as a site license. The Pure Access Cloud or Pure Access Manager Software is easy to use
  • The IP Door Readers are powered using PoE
  • The reader-controllers operate even if the network is down (as long as the controller has PoE power).
  • The readers provide 12 VDC power for the electric lock
  • It supports a wide selection of credentials and cards
  • It can use your smartphone as the credential – Bluetooth connect using Pure Mobile App
  • It can be integrated with IP intercoms to allow remote control of doors to allow entry of visitors

IP Door Access Controller with Slave Door readers

Hartmann access control system diagram

The Hartmann access control system is an example of a controller with a separate door reader. This enterprise access control system can be purchased one door at a time or support hundreds of doors. The single-door system includes a controller and door reader that is located at the door. This system is very flexible. You can add two readers to the controller so you can control both entry and exit at a door.

This access control system includes the following features:

  • Network-attached IP controllers that are powered over Ethernet (PoE)
  • The access control management software is licensed by the number of doors.
  • Includes door access control and management software for your site or from a cloud server, all controlled through a browser window that’s compatible across all platforms from desktop to mobile.
  • The controller supports a wide range of Wiegand type door readers. You can select a simple RFID proximity reader or one that includes credentials provided from a Bluetooth enabled connection to your smartphone. It can also use biometric readers for increased security.
  • The flexible door controller can mount on top of the door and provide a built-in motion detection function.
  • The door controller supports one or two readers. You can select inside and outside readers, with or without motion detection, or two-door control.
  • The controller can provide power to the electric lock
  • Operates even if the network is down (as long as the controller has PoE power).
  • The door access management software supports flexible If-then logic
  • The system Integrates with many IP camera Video Management Software (VMS) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs)
  • Supports advanced features such as dual authentication, elevator control, and Anti-passback control

Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control

The biometric access control system provides increased security because it identifies a person rather than the credential that they carry. These reader-controllers attach the network and can be powered over Ethernet (PoE).  There is a choice of fingerprint, facial recognition, or finger-vein readers.

The biometric access control system includes the following features:

  • Flexible access control management software with web-based administration and monitoring
  • All-In-One solution (Access Control, Video Integration, Elevator Control, and Visitor Management)
  • Optional Mobile App
  • If-then logic table for automated reaction to alarms
  • Simple structure and user interface
  • Controls up to 2,000 doors, with the option of adding additional servers for a maximum of 8,000 doors
  • Advanced Access Control Functions (inc. Zone Control + Who’s inside)
  • Global Anti-Passback and Linkage
  • Provides IP video camera integration with Samsung (Hanwha), Hikvision, and other IP cameras
  • Automatic data backup
  • Alarms and event notification by Email
  • System log functions

Access Control Management Software

Isonas Pure Access
Isonas Pure Access

Each of the access control systems described above has management software that is designed to work with each system.  It is important to consider the software as well as the hardware when selecting your access control system.

Access control software determines who can enter, what door they can use, and when they can come in.  The access control management software is associated with each type of access control systems. The software controls the specific type of door readers and controllers so they must be selected with the matching system. We provided descriptions of the software that supports the specific access control system.

Best Access Control System

Access Control Concept
Access Control Concept

As you can see, there are several different access control systems to choose from. The best door access control system depends on your application and security requirements. Here are some guidelines for selecting the best single-door access control system.

Isonas Access Control System

The Isonas access control is best for small to medium size access control applications.   It is a perfect system when you don’t require any advanced control features such as IP camera system integration or elevator controls.

Hartmann Door Access Control System

The Hartmann enterprise access control system is best when you need advanced features. It can be used on a single door or supports hundreds of doors. We consider the Hartmann control door access control system to be an enterprise system because it includes advanced features that are not found in the Isonas solution. It supports IP camera integration and elevator controls.

Biometric Access Control System

The biometric access control system provides the best security because it identifies a person rather than the credential that they carry. It is the best choice if you require increased entry security.

Summary of Single-Door Access Control

The IP access control systems provide the most flexible way to secure your organization. They are much easier to install than the older controller-based access control systems. They allow you to install a reader and controller at a single door but can also grow to support many entrances in your organization. The Isonas access control system is the easiest to install. The Hartmann access control system provides advanced functionality. The biometric access control system provides increased security.

For help selecting the door access control system that’s best for you, please contact us at 800-431-1658 in the USA, or at 914-944-3425 everywhere else, or use our contact form.