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Technical Jokes and Cartoons – 62

The Forgetful Actor

Cartoon-Source of the InternetAn actor had been out of work for 15 years because he always forgot his lines. Then one day he got a phone call from a director who wanted him for a big part in a play. All he had to say was, “Hark! I hear the cannon roar! After much worry, the actor decided to take the role. Opening night arrived, and while he waited in the wings, the actor muttered to himself “Hark! I hear the cannon roar! Hark! I hear the cannon roar! The time for the entrance finally came, and as the actor made his appearance, he heard a loud brooooom! He turned around and said, “what the hell was that?


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How to Install Your IP Camera System

What is an IP Camera System?

IP Camera System DiagramThe “IP” means that the camera connects to the network rather than to a DVR using a coax cable.

The IP camera system includes not only the cameras but also the video recording system. The cameras and the recording system connect to a network switch. The IP camera systems may also integrate with IP door access control and IP Intercoms.

This article describes how to install your IP camera system. It reviews all the steps required to mount the cameras, install it on the network, and connect it to your video recording system.

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